Eircom Broadband Crack

Eircom Broadband

Earlier this week I received a letter from the consumer services director in eircom informing me that there was a “potential” security problem with my broadband. The letter reassured me that only a “person with an advanced working knowledge of encryption and coding techniques” could illegally access my eircom internet connection. The letter went on to reassure that eircom takes this seriously and if I wanted I could log on to a website to find out how to “enhance” the security of my connection. So a nice customer-focused and reassuring letter from eircom telling me not to panic inspite of what I might hear in de meja.

 Well, being a bored blogger, I decided to take up the implicit challenge set in the letter. I logged on Google a few minutes ago, typed in “eircom broadband crack” and within less than 5 minutes and just 4 clicks not only have I got this thing figured out, but I had found the site that enables me to tap into any eircom customer’s broadband connection (illegally of course). Now just to be clear, I don’t have “advanced knowledge of encryption or advanced coding techniques” – don’t forget it took me three days to set up this blog!

Put simply, in order to access the Internet from your computer via your eircom broadband modem you just need a username and password. Apparently the way our (eircom customers’) broadband security is set up, the customer identifier (the username if you like) is simply a different version of the WEP key (the password). Your username is structured like this; “eircom 1234 1234”, and your password is something like this; “F23412CBD536AE5686FDA20EF6”. Doesn’t look to be much similarity there I hear you say. Well the site that it took me less than 5 minutes and 4 clicks to find allows me to input my eircom username and converts it to my exact WEP password based on some mathematical formula (presumably quite a complex  one). Continue reading “Eircom Broadband Crack”