Digital Commerce Institute

Consumer expectations are rapidly evolving and very many businesses are struggling to adequately respond.

Where to start? That’s often the biggest challenge. Then comes how much will it cost? What skills do we need? Etc. This short video sums up the ecommerce landscape in Ireland in 2019:

The Digital Commerce Institute can help. It is a boutique management consultancy specialising in ecommerce and omnichannel strategy delivery. There is a team of senior digital consultants each with 20+ years’ experience in designing and implementing successful digital strategies across many sectors.

Why did this come about? When people ask me to advise them with their ecommerce or omnichannel strategy, I’m always happy to help in my spare time. But I regularly ask myself the question; where would I send people to get credible impartial advice in this market? Frankly, I struggle to find a good answer to this question. I’ve asked others this question and the response is broadly similar.

I’ve discovered that there are quite a number of very senior consultants working independently in the market and delivering exceptional results for organisations. Thus the seed was planted for the Digital Commerce Institute. We bring together a select number of digital specialists with deep experience in particular sectors and apply them to new problems.

Combined, the collective is a powerful force in the market.

The mission of the Digital Commerce Institute is to empower organisations to achieve digital growth by better responding to customers’ expectations today. The approach is as follows; work with organisations to:

  1. Evaluate the current digital capacities across key pillars of digital commerce, developing a data-led scorecard
  2. On the basis of this evaluation, begin to map out an investment priorities report and roadmap
  3. Transform the operations so that it is in a better position to respond to rapidly evolving customer expectations

The easiest way to get started with the Digital Commerce Institute is to sign up for their free insights newsletter, which promises to deliver actionable ecommerce and omnichannel insights straight to your mailbox. What’s not to like about that?