Why Net Neutrality Matters for Startups

This sums up neatly why Net Neutrality matters to anyone involved with startup businesses:

Scrappy, smart, innovative little companies need to be able to reach wide audiences. They do that by being creative and building amazing new technologies. But if they’re stuck with plodding Internet speeds, how can they distribute all the incredible things they have to offer?

Loss of net neutrality also reduces choice for customers by degrading how they experience some content, in favor of whatever content provider has pockets deep enough to pay off the ISPs.

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What is Net Neutrality? Imagine a scenario where you run an independent convenience store. One day your competitor round the corner, who is part of a large well funded chain, pays a ridiculous sum to the local authority to help “improve access” to their store.

Soon the street leading up to your competitor’s is made wider, has better lighting and less restrictions. Meanwhile your street is not maintained, is allowed quickly develop potholes and even the newly installed traffic lights seem to stay longer on red.

When ISPs can be paid to provide faster broadband access to a certain web property, something fundamental changes on the world wide web. The previously level playing pitch becomes radically tilted in favor of big money.