ASOS Drive Facebook Commerce Forward

European online retailer ASOS today launched their Facebook store, which represents yet another major brand’s investment in f-commerce.

Since Facebook is the gateway to the web for so many Internet users it makes absolute sense to have a strong transactional presence there. Why would you want to disrupt their browsing experience by dragging them off to a different website?

ASOS's Facebook Store

ASOS follows hot on the heals of JC Penny who launched their Facebook page late last year. The ASOS page experience is smooth, clean and offers deep integration with Facebook’s social graph. With one click I can ‘share’ or ‘like’ particular products and instantly see which of my friends have done the same.

Both the ASOS and JC Penny f-commerce integrations were developed by Usablenet, whose focus is on extending a company’s web presence beyond your own website; into mobile, apps, kiosks and onto social networks.