Seth Godin talks about the Business of Software

Seth Godin spoke at the Business of Software conference in Boston yesterday. I followed his talk on Twitter and as usual was inspired by those pithy but loaded one-liners. Here are a few quotes that I found using the #bos2010 tag. Enjoy!

Seth Godin, making his point at the Business of Software conference in Boston
Seth Godin, making his point at the Business of Software conference in Boston

“Software used to be hard (in 1984). Now The model is that the business is the point.”

“It is not about the code”

”There are no instructions for the business of software. If you do follow instructions, you will fail.”

“This industry like every industry has branded itself to death.”

“The # of people required to make software has dropped & the # available has increased dramatically.”

If you are in the business of software then read Seth’s post on his own blog on this topic. For anyone is start-up Internet business mode; there are some critical questions to ask yourself here.

“What happens now that never happened before is that conversations between peers are more likely to happen.”

“Ideas that spread, win.”

“If your idea doesn’t naturally spread, you have no business.”

“The market for something to believe in is infinite”

“Targeting is a hunting term.”

“If you find a tribe of people who believe in something and lead them, you will beat Bill Gates.”

“Business to business tribes are much more valuable than sexy consumer tribes who won’t pay you anything.”

“CMO stands for Chief Movement Officer. You need to build and lead a movement.”

“The factory is now owned by anyone who has $600 to buy a netbook.”

“Bowling is a problem because the best you can do is 300. That’s why no one watches bowling.”

“The problem with the word genius is that Einstein ruined it.”

“The purpose of school is to train people to survive 12 hours in a cube, standing in the assembly line.”

“The days of the factory are gone. Now we are artists. Doing the art of what hasn’t been done before.”

“The first person to install a urinal in an art gallery was an artist. The second person was a plumber.”

“The interesting thing isn’t being told how something works, but figuring out how something works.”

“Just because the tide is out, doesn’t mean there’s less water in the ocean.”

“Don’t follow a map. Make a map.”

“The only way the value of Picasso paintings goes up is when everyone sees them.”

“The thing about Apple is I don’t think Steve is faking it. I don’t think he goes home a boots up Windows.”

“What’s getting your people to come? Is it the $$ or the tribe?”

“Build a company with indispensable people”

“Competency is no longer a scarce commodity.”

“Don’t hire competent people. Competence is a commodity. Hire irreplaceable people.”

“You have everything you need to change everything now.”

“Do something worth following and be leader that people want to believe in, the money will follow.”

If you are in the business of software then read Seth’s post which contains some critical questions that anyone in start-up mode in an Internet business should be asking themselves.

Photo courtesy of betsyweber (CC)