The Changing Face of Retail

I’m speaking at the IPFMA‘s Annual Conference this week in Dublin where the theme is “Redefining Retail”. My slot is on how the Internet is changing the face of retail with particular focus on the challenges and opportunities for retailers confronted with ever evolving consumer behaviours and expectations.

I thought I’d share this slide which outlines the number of different e-tailing models now ubiquitous on the web. As I was building the slide I was personally struck by the range of online retail models now in use:

The Changing Face of Retail - Brendan Hughes

What do you think? Have I left any out?

2 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Retail

  1. A very nice slide and there loads of thoughts that jump to mind. For example Amazon is really interesting because while they are a pureplay they are also a market place. I think a logical next slide would be the e-retailing ecosystem showing everything how everything from search engines, delivery, payment processing, hosting, etc. home together


  2. Hi Caelen. Yep, Amazon could have been added in a few more slots. It’s a great example of many different ways of capturing a market.

    That next slide you talk about is not as easy to piece together – even more busy than this one. I have a version of that which I’ll hone and plug into another post.


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