My Shopping Genie – Fraudulent Scam?

My Shopping Genie is browser plug-in that promises to help you find the cheapest products on the web. Search on Google for anything and the MyShoppingGenie toolbar provides quick links to the search results pages on Amazon, and a number of other websites for that product. The application itself isn’t particularly remarkable, but the marketing approach is curious.

My Shopping Genie - Fraudulent Scam?

The MyShoppingGenie was launched here in Ireland in August at two evening events held in hotels in Galway and Dublin. At the launch the audience was told how MyShoppingGenie was going to transform the way people bought products online. They were told that the first five pages of Google were sponsored listings and that you couldn’t use Google to find the cheapest products. However, one of the key features they highlighted was no more than a link to the Google Shopping search feature.

I wasn’t at this event but the half-truths I heard from people who did attend raised some concerns. These were to deepen as it was explained to me how My Shopping Genie intended to spread the word about the application.

Each attendee was promised that they could make money by telling their friends and family about this great new application. In order to make money however they needed to become a distributor – at a cost of $199 plus a monthly payment of $29. Upon paying this sum, the distributor is given a unique number which they then send round to all of their contacts. When anyone downloads the application they are asked to input a distributor number. Each time a user searches for a product using My Shopping Genie, the distributor receives a small sum of money.

Furthermore,  each time you as a distributor recruit another distributor you receive $50. You also receive money when they introduce new distributors, and so on. Thus each distributor is financially incentivised to get people to use the application and to then become distributors themselves.

Is the My Shopping Genie marketing tactic essentially a pyramid scheme? A pyramid scheme, as defined by Wikipedia, “is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.”

Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries. In Ireland, as reported on RTÉ’s Primetime tonight, any emphasis on generating money from introducing others into a scheme is illegal.

Primetime also reported tonight that one of the founders had been previously imprisoned for fraud. And Primetime’s legal expert suggests that under Irish law the founders could face further prosecution, under the Consumer Protection Act 2007.

UPDATE (24/09/2010): The National Consumer Agency today published advice for those concerned about pyramid schemes. Giving “tips on how to spot this type of scam, the penalties if you recruit others to a pyramid scheme” and instructing people to contact the Gardaí or themselves if you are approach about joining a pyramid scheme –

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  1. I didn’t actually see PrimeTime myself. However have heard mutterings all right on Twitter. Sounds like someone could potentially make loads of money from this ePyramid scheme. Perhaps they already have?


  2. The backlash from the report on RTE’s Prime Time is going to be huge!! If you were involved in this report, I would revoke any claims made against My Net Universe (The Shopping Genie).

    The company has engaged a top and reputable law firm in Dublin to deal with this matter directly.

    A top PR company have also been approached to handle the bad press that may come from those who fear change?

    It is a binary system, operated through Network Marketing/MLM, do your home work?? If you want to talk about pyramids talk about the banks here in Ireland who have ripped people off for years………Starts with the CEO / Top guy, then ya have his chief whips, Managers in Branches, All the other workers below……….right down the chain…..who has lost out “US”!! Anglo Irish Bank ring a bell, PTSB…….I’m sure you know the rest?? Or do you??

    This has given decent working folk a chance to earn a solid income and you can pass out whoever introduced you into the company by more activity. If you actually made an effort to talk to someone decent in the business you might realise this……..I have a feeling it may be through ignorance on your behalf.

    Do your research my friend, you need to delve a bit deeper, before you accuse a company with a solid 3 year reputation. When you meet the VP of CNN (if you had have been at the the Official Launch last Saturday?? ), you would realise that this company is far from a joke.

    Trust me the backlash from this bad initial bad publicity will be quite substantial. Rest assured that the Irish Government will not ever give an opportunity like this to the average person…….we are in a Transition economy my friend, it’s time to join the revolution and not have your head stuck in a cave from Pre-historic Age.

    Yours sincerely

    A decent person, earning a decent wage, from an amazing company, who has actually done some in depth research.


    PS: It’s my real name and a real email address above. I have nothing to hide and I will keep on promoting this phenomenal company right here in Ireland.


  3. Good on you Stuart,

    Though I did get to see the program on TV tonight I was a more than a little shocked at the lambasting that a freelance jounalist gave to a company that is actaully helping people to make some money – legally !! On that note I don’t see anyone else in Ireland lifting a finger to help those that have been most hard hit by this recession/depression (my family included)… I started promoting the Genie simply because it’s FREE to the user !! (…despite the old head-in-the- sand attitudes about ‘if it’s too good to be true than it is !!), it’s totally confidential (they don’t even ask for your email address..)and the Genie Shopping App, is a “gift”…and ‘yes’ I researched the word ‘gift’ before I even got involved !! The only thing that I get tired of is leading the Irish people to water only to find them turning up their noses !! “But there’s not enough sites that come up in euro’s, they say!!” Well, don’t blame the Genie for that!!..if you want it to jump out of your computer and run the Hoover over your home you’ll be sadly disappointed as well, but it is free and if you don’t use it then don’t use it…that decision is yours”. Consequently, I don’t recruit people because I believe that if something is that good then the Genie will do that for you so only time will tell on that one…
    I also know that Ireland has had it’s fair share of scams over the years but at least this so-called ‘scam’ (??) doesn’t involve the banks or politicians (they already have enough money to hide!!)

    Having a family to support and not being someone that likes to bludge off the system (and that would be so easy to do…)I need to find another way to make my money and support my family, legally, and this is it !! I give something to someone for FREE…they use it…I get paid…I feed my family…I pay my taxes…it really is that simple !! Personally, I am about as concerned with what the upper echelons of MyShoppingGenie do with their money as the bank teller would be with what their manager gets paid when he leaves his job for sunnier climes!! As long as I do my job honestly and they pay me what I’m due than I’m a happy man and my family gets to eat for another week !! Just take a look at the slap on the wrist that bankers, developers and the pollies will get (LMAO!!)for the upheaval that has beset Ireland and you’ll see where the real criminals are…

    But if you believe everything you see on the TV and everything you read in the paper then you’re all quite right; of course it must be a scam. It has to be otherwise you might be tempted to go out on a limb yourselves instead of posting ‘unresearched’ remarks about a business that you have only heard about from the ‘good news doesn’t sell’ fraternity. My advice to anyone that judges too quickly is to get out more; grab yourselves a life, work hard for both yourselves and your families and quit the childish conspiracy/urban myth industry you’ve cocooned yourselves into in front of the TV.

    I’m registered for tax. What are you registered for?


    PS: As with Stuart, my credentials listed are real and contactable. I too will continue to promote the Shopping Genie to those that have ‘ears to hear and eyes to see’ for themselves, both in Ireland and in greener pastures…


  4. I’ve heard quite a bit about this too and have thought that it is not so much about recruiting distributors as it is giving out the genie (the shopping tool).

    For example, recruiting distributors is only going to bring in $50 per person in this “pyramid” scheme and that this is very little in the grand scheme of things as it is only a one time payment. It’s also said that the genie is alleged to generate on average $3 a month per download – provided that the software is used, money is generated through click revenue.
    So once you have purchased this genie for $199 you have a license to give out as many genies as you want/can. In saying that, if one was to promote their genie to such an extent that 1000 people were to download it then the alleged probable income for this person per month is 1,000 people x $3 = $3,000 a month which is potentially $36,000 a year. Tempting no?

    It is really only then that some of these people to whom one has given the genie to decide that they want to benefit from telling others about the genie too and so become distributors. Why would one want to give something to others and let another earn for it when they could be the ones reaping the rewards? That would be silly. However, if one is to sign up another as a distributor one will receive a 20% “Check Match” of whatever it is the “new recruit” is earning. But there is no reason why the new distributor can’t eventually earn more than the person who introduced them to the genie which does not equate to the definition of the pyramid scheme given above.

    For example, if for example we had the following set up with A being a distributer who recruited 4 more distributors working under him:


    1 2 3 4

    If A did nothing but recruit these 4 distributors A would received a one time payment of $200 and a 20% “Check Match” of the 4 distributors. Now let’s say for arguments sake these 4 distributors are at the bottom of the ladder and have put lots of effort into sending out their genies and lets say each of them were earning $1,000 dollars a month. That’s $4,000 and A would receive 20% check match of this which is only $800. Of course, if A puts in as much work in promoting and sending out their genie then A could potentially earn more.

    The point is that if one promotes their own genie they have the potential to earn much more than those above them. Or at least this is how I see it.

    Now if it is a scam which i’m not ruling out, but if it is, it is really well set up. On signing up as a distributor one is given two websites, which are customizable, and there are links to tutorials and webinars, and presentations. Check it out for yourself – check out the phone call and the presentation – esp the executive committee.

    Here’s an audio library from some of these supposed executive committee members

    With such big names on this committee list one really wonders if prime time did enough homework on the genie before slating it. The software is pretty cool, as I have downloaded it myself out of curiosity. It’s free and has great potential for savings, however i haven’t bought anything just yet. Prime time really portrayed the genie in a dark light but it could have had the potential of letting people work from home and save loads this Christmas. For example, I’ve just googled an ipod touch 64 gb – it’s 400 euro to buy in the apple store and it can be got for £210 using the genie. Not everyone needs to become a distributor to benefit from this. In the news yesterday it said that there was over 100,00o people struggling to pay their electricity bills, and there’s over 400,000 claiming social welfare. Maybe this is a legit company and maybe prime time has just destroyed, potentially, the best Christmas ever for a lot of families who are unable to afford the cost of gifts from the most expensive sites on the internet, or paying even more in the shops. In fact, it has probably turned the entire country off it. What if prime time were wrong?

    Here is a list of all its up and coming events:

    Go and make your mind up for yourself – none of this one sided, biased, prime time crap. I didn’t think you’d be so quick to jump on the band wagon Brendan.


  5. It didn’t take long for the stooges to come up with their defensive and supportive postings.

    Only recently was I made aware of this mygenie pyramid scheme. Be under no illusion, that’s what it is.

    What’s more interesting for me at the moment us the other websites set up by the same person behind

    I’ve gone through most of them, and at least one of the has completely false claims.

    There is no such thing as a rep for the CRO in the process of setting up a company. Yet the genius behind makes such claims on a linked website.

    It’s unfortunate that such a parasite will probably make money on the back of such false claims! A website, that looks good, is unfortunately a con job for many who font know what they should be watching out for.


  6. I have given away FREE, 295 genies, and that has earned me $885 per month and growing by 5 genies a day, from pay per click, the same way google earns its $30bn (this Yr) $26bn (last yr). If I never shared the business opportunity with anyone, we can still make a good income, how is this pyramid selling? To give away software you have to have a licence to do so, hence $199 for a one time licence fee. This guy doesnt understand how this company is different from a pyramid selling type of business, he HAS NOT done his research, he has taken a little bit of knowledge and become very dangerous with it. These type of people, both ignorant and opinionated and living in the past are the ones that will never be remembered for changing history. In 5 years time when half of all products are bought on line, and the genie is THE company to find the best price online, this guy will be very embarrassed that he didnt do his homework properly. The genie is a good product that has save us a few hundred pounds already buying stuff we were already going to buy from a store or other internet sites selling them more expensively. I WOULD NOT TAKE ADVICE of Brendan or people like him, esp., reporters for anything.


  7. Declan have you read this??? Maybe you should ring these guys up and have a little chat.

    February 10, 2010

    Dear MyNet Universe Distributor,

    I would first like to congratulate you on a successful start of the New Year. In the direct sales industry, the third year of a company’s life cycle is usually their breakout year. Now that MyNet Universe is moving into its third year of operation with many of our capital expenditures behind us and with the driving force of online savings and pay-per-click income, we expect 2010 to be a breakout year for us. The future is truly bright for MyNet Universe as we look to expand our business domestically and abroad.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Randy, our Developer; Keith, our Technology Officer; Bruce, our Master Distributor; our home office staff; and you, our distributors, without which none of this would be possible.

    I would also like to emphasize at this time our mission as a company, which is “to raise the quality of life for millions of people by giving away a Genie for every PC in the world”. I know this is a bold statement; but having the Genie used for over 30,000,000 price comparisons in our first two years of operation, I believe that giving away millions is a realistic goal.

    Our business is modeled after one of the most successful companies in history, Google. Google’s product is search, which it does very well, capturing 74% of the search market. However, Google’s penetration in the shopping market is much smaller. We help improve their business model in the area of saving time and money for the online shopper. Google is free to the user and makes its money through pay-per-click advertising … so do we. We are poised to harness the growing online retail market by helping consumers save money and make money online better than anyone.

    MyNet Universe is positioned for 2010 with the perfect product in the perfect market to have a truly remarkable year. Thank you for joining me as we change the Internet, one Shopper at a time!


    David Freed, President and CEO
    MyNet Universe, Inc.

    Executive Committee

    David Freed

    David Freed is Co-Founder and President of MyNet Universe, Inc., providing a wealth of experience in all aspects of the direct sales industry.

    From the ranks of distributor to leading companies as President, Freed has enjoyed nearly three decades of success as a national trainer, consultant and field leader. He has built sales organizations that have numbered in the thousands, with the largest reaching 300,000 distributors in 192 countries that produced $100 million in sales (with a virtual product) in less than 18 months.

    Freed began his career in direct sales as Regional Vice President with the legendary A.L. Williams Company (now known as Primerica Financial Services, Inc.). He owned his own Company for nearly a decade before becoming Co-Founder and President of MyNetUniverse, Inc.

    An accomplished speaker, trainer and system developer, Freed has served on several executive management teams and has been instrumental in the creation and development of several other companies prior to his current role with MyNet Universe, Inc.

    Andrew Cauthen
    President MyNet International

    Andrew Cauthen joins the company to facilitate the global expansion of MyShoppingGenie, which currently operates in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and the United States, with prelaunch in Malaysia and Singapore.

    He has an extensive background in executive management, corporate operations, and marketing and sales that spans several decades. His most recent experience includes President and COO of a direct-selling travel company that supported independent business owners across the US and Canada. His prior experience also includes President/CEO roles with several major companies including two with asset bases of greater than $1 billion and more than 2,000 employees.

    He is a noted national speaker and has delivered leadership seminars to thousands of independent sales associates over the years. He has shared the platform with such notables as Zig Zeiglar, Les Brown, and Brian Tracy.

    Mark Levesque
    Executive Committee

    Mark Levesque provides a unique blend of experience including sales and sales management, training, product development, creation of marketing plans and strategies, coaching and leadership for both corporations and non-profit organizations.

    He currently is the Executive Director, Pastor and Elder for Discovery Church in St. Peters, MO. Levesque is responsible for the operations of a $2 million facility and for the oversight of a team of 14 Directors and staff members. He preaches and teaches during church services and has helped increase overall attendance by more than 50 percent in one year and was instrumental in a 53 percent revenue gain in 2008.

    Levesque has led numerous training seminars, meetings and webinars on sales, leadership and business development. He was a keynote speaker at the National Conference of Distributors on the evolution of retail distribution and the impact of the Internet on the future of the economy. He authored “The Ultimate Fundraiser For Those Who Hate Fundraising”, which has helped many non-profit organizations create additional income streams.

    Levesque has consistently earned sales and leadership awards throughout his career. He spent more than 20 years with the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) and was named the Top Strategic Sales Consultant in the nation in 2004. He routinely exceeded annual revenue quotas, including career totals of 120 percent.

    He is a member of MyNet Universe’s Executive Committee that is charged with creating, communicating and implementing the Company’s vision and mission.

    Bruce Wolferding
    Executive Committee

    Armed with three decades of experience in the financial industry, Bruce Wolferding has worked with financial institutions throughout the United States, focusing on strategic planning for future growth and expansion. While working with two of the largest design/build firms in the nation during the last 25 years, he has had the opportunity to help hundreds of financial institutions implement their growth strategies.

    Wolferding focuses his personal involvement on working closely with the financial institution’s senior management and board of directors to understand their needs within the economic and demographic situation of the institution. Through careful planning and prudent business decision-making, he develops long-range growth projections for the institution. This is accomplished by implementing the strategies developed through demographic analysis, brand development and positioning, service delivery development and implementation and retail merchandising, including staff development and training.

    Wolferding has been a national speaker for banking organizations on subjects ranging from brand development and its role on growth in the banking industry to useful strategies for site selection for financial institutions. Parlaying his experience, he led a group of banking professionals to organize and establish a de Novo charter bank in the late ‘90s. As founder, Wolferding has served as Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Board for the last 10 years, leading the bank from its inception to more than $160 million in total assets.

    His philosophy includes understanding and guiding the organization’s financial performance through strategy and execution and to provide for safety and soundness of the organization, shareholder value, staff and customer/distributor base.

    William M. Shaw
    Executive Committee

    William Shaw has spent nearly three decades working as a Corporate Officer with legendary media mogul Ted Turner, first with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and now with Turner Enterprises, Inc.

    Shaw has been responsible for various companies, overseeing departments, revenues and employees in the vast Turner Empire. He helped grow TBS from the SuperStation and CNN with 350 employees in 1981 to a media powerhouse with 11 networks, 10,000 employees and two movie studios with a net worth of $5 billion when it merged with Time/Warner in 1997.

    Shaw joined the MyNet Universe Executive Advisory Committee because he believes MyNet Universe has many of the same similarities and explosive growth potential that TBS had in its infancy.

    Shaw’s influence is far reaching with his wealth of experience and business relationships. He was responsible for all logistics at TBS during the 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow, led a team to retrofit the 1986 Olympic Stadium in Atlanta for the Atlanta Braves and was instrumental in heading a team to build the new $250 million Philips Arena in Atlanta (securing approval from the Georgia Congress on a new car rental tax to ensure payment of the arena without burdening taxpayers with a bond referendum).

    He continues as a Corporate Officer with Turner Enterprises, Inc., which consists of 2 million acres of land, 19 ranches, 60,000 head of bison, gas, timber, hunting and fishing packages and 55 Ted’s Montana Grills in 11 states.

    Shaw’s wife, Sherry, works full-time as a MyNet Universe Distributor.

    The Company

    MyNet Universe is the exclusive home of MyShoppingGenie, a revolutionary new Web App. You may be wondering why we named this innovative Internet solution the Genie after the mythical character that Aladdin released from his lamp. Like Aladdin’s genie, MyShoppingGenie has an almost magical ability to grant our wishes for saving money, making money and for helping us make a positive impact on our world.

    MyShoppingGenie enables the average person to take advantage of major trends in our economy. The first is the fact that saving money has become very hip. Some people are even saying that saving money is the new green.

    MyShoppingGenie is right at the center of this because when you use the Genie, you can save money on the things you need. How does this work? Whenever you look to buy something online using any major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the Genie appears; and just like magic, it cuts through the clutter to find you the best deals on virtually anything you’re looking for.

    Why is the Genie so important? The Internet has the appearance of offering unlimited choices, but nothing is further from the truth. The major search engines charge online retailers’ or sellers’ fees to appear near the top of their search results. This means that much of what you see when searching for something you need is not necessarily the best deal for you but, rather, what benefits the major search engine. The Genie is different because it puts you, the customer, first by enabling you to better manage your search results so that you can find a better buy.

    Secondly, you can also make money online with MyShoppingGenie because when someone uses the free Genie that you gave them and buys something from one of the hundreds of top online retailers, these companies then share their Affiliate commissions with you; and you make money.

    MyNet Universe is making MyShoppingGenie available to give the consumer unlimited choices in the marketplace. The Genie breaks the limitations of shopping at one store or the confines of an online buying club. The Genie breaks the limitations created by the major search engines controlling what we see in our search results, thus giving us more choices. Finally, the Genie can be your online business that can create the wealth you need for the life you want so that you can change the world in any way you choose.


  8. Let’s read what Brendan writes :
    “I wasn’t at this event but the half-truths I heard from people who did attend raised some concerns.”

    I think here is the place where everybody should stop reading this article. THe man even did not attend the meeting but he is confident he knows everything. you know Brendan we are all a secta we are vampires we kill people and drink blood at our meetings. now you go and write.

    Many facts mentioned in the article are true. They are simply not correct.
    If anybody tries to read the compensation plan he will easily see it.

    I know many people don’t like Network marketing and they simply dont see the difference between a legal business that Network Marketing is and pyramid scams.

    I want to ask you all opponents one question. How would you see multi-millionares like Bill Shaw who was VP of CNN and the right hand of Ted Turner siting in the executive comittee in the scam company ?

    The real facts are The product does work. It saves people time and money every day. People get it for FREE as promised. When you sell products of any company you should purchase a license. Even if you distribute for free you still need to have a license.

    About $29 monthly fee. Yes we pay it but what for ? The company provides us delivery service to our customers. We don’t need to send discs or run to our customer houses to instal the software. The company gives its web site where our customers can install it from.

    This service does have cost to the company and value for distributors.

    i am very happy to buy working business for $199 that costs me less than $30 per month and has unlimited potential.

    Just this month I got about $200 PPC income only and I spent $29 only.

    If it is a scam I want to be scammed this way


  9. People who attended the meetings were shown diagrams of pyramids and were sold on the potential to earn recurring income based on the pyramid growth. They came away from the meetings understanding that they were participating in a pyramid.

    Many people like pyramid schemes. You can make money from them. However they are illegal.

    There is a secondary source of income in My Shopping Genie – every time someone searches using a distributor’s Genie they can earn a couple of cents. By the founders’ own admission (as interviewed on RTÉ Primetime) about a third of the revenues are coming from this component. The majority of the revenue is being generated through the distributor-get-distributor-get-distributor scheme structure.

    Pyramid schemes are compelling addictive propositions. This is why it is controlled by legislation in order to protect the rights of individuals in society.


  10. What’s so funny about this RTE piece is that he documents 1.6 million installs of the Genie software application. It’s also known that the Genie has over 300,000 shopping and price comparison visits per day.

    All the focus and attention of the “reporter”: on the lowest common denominator – the 40,000 Distributors who hold a license to give the software away.

    And to add insult to injury – he’d much rather hold on to his fears and phobias rather than his money. He uninstalled the free software because in his mind 40,000 is more freighting and consuming than the 1.6 million installs or the 300,000 who use the the free software every single day searching for better prices and bargains on items they want to buy.


    And Leo — I’m right there with you. I could purchase a new license each and every month and still come out ahead from the PPC income alone generated by giving away these software applications. That income grows each and every month.

    If these guys would do the math based on what they’ve “uncovered” they’d realize that each distributor gives away on average 40 free software applications. (1.6 million / 40K) That’s $960 to $1440 annually in click income – not recruiting. (Based on $2 to $3 paid per app per month)

    Is it “big money”? No, but it certainly doesn’t warrant the concern that you have to recruit in order to recoup a $199 investment and $29 monthly fee. I mean how hard is it to give away free software applications?

    You might have to give away a lot more than 40 if you run around with friend like these guys. ;-P


  11. Well said Stuart and everyone else in support. Nothing more can be said in the genie’s defense that has not already been said.
    Not worrying about the prime time review it was totaly one sided and only gave partial facts.
    I am a distributor and glad to be.
    Will continue doing what I am doing with out a fear. Prime time has done nothing but set the advertising ball rolling, this will be huge and good for everyone who has faith in it. If you listen to the critics fair enough you will miss out and that’s your choice it’s a free country but hey so is the app to download give it a go and see for yourself. What’s the worst that could happen only you could save yourself hundreds in online shopping.


  12. Interesting blog, Brendan, and very well written. I am a great fan of technology and really wanted Myshoppinggenie to be an opportunity for me to make money. Unfortunately, the more I found out about it, the more I felt I was being taken for a ride.

    One of the problems with pyramid schemes is that a lot of people don’t mind that they are pyramid schemes as long as they are making money. They don’t see that in order for them to do well, someone else has to suffer. The simple fact is that it’s impossible not to make money when you are at the top of the pyramid and impossible not to lose money when you are at the bottom. The people we should be worried about are those at the bottom.

    One of the comments that I see right through this blog is that you should look at the facts, and that’s fair enough. So let’s examine them one by one.

    Stuart, you said that this is not a pyramid because they use a binary system. I don’t mean you any disrespect when I say this, but the binary system is an absolute hoax. Commercially or legally there isn’t any rational reason why you should split the team below you into two teams. It is merely there as a fig leaf, so people can say it’s a binary system and not a pyramid scheme.

    You say that “This has given decent working folk a chance to earn a solid income”. The most invidious thing about pyramid schemes is that they always target the working class. There are many, decent, hard working people out there that think that they have missed out on becoming millionaires, at getting in on the ground floor, like the guys who invested in Microsoft and Google. The people promoting pyramid schemes all reckon that the individual worker won’t have the time or the resources to investigate the company or product fully. The tragedy is that everybody thinks someone else has checked it out and they only find out it’s not kosher when it all implodes.

    You mention Bill Shaw as Vice President of CNN. It’s only a small point but as you and Leo both brought it up, the fact is that he isn’t Vice President of CNN. Bill Shaw is vice president of human resources and administration for Turner Enterprises, Inc. Sure, he’s a senior manager in a sister company of CNN but it’s not unusual for pyramid companies to tout anyone legitimate they can get for show.

    Similarly Meh talks about Bruce Wolferding. He’s advertised as a billionaire who owns two banks. He doesn’t. He works as a consultant for the Clay Corporation in Missouri.

    Do you honestly think that the wife of a billionaire is on the phone everyday trying to sell Genie licenses? The average income of a billionaire is a million a week. I hardly think he’s skimping on the housekeeping that much.

    Meh, your note on the company also left out the two most important people in Myshoppinggenie – Bruce Bise and Jon van Deurzen.

    Primetime showed Bruce’s prison record – 7 years for felony forgery and fraudulent schemes artifice. It didn’t tell you about the other scams he’s been involved in since then –

    Motor Latte,, The Online Success University, and his crowning glory – Get Moving Today. GMT imploded in spectacular style only days after Bruce brought investors on a cruise in the US. David Freed was, again, his right hand man.

    As for Jon van Deurzen, he was the main distributor in Canada for one of the biggest pyramid schemes the world has ever known – SkyBiz. This was shut down by the FTC in the US and it’s equivalent in Australia. He was also involved with Fuelfreedom which the Attorney General in Miami slapped a $100,000 fine on the directors for sharp practice.

    These are the real facts.

    And Leo, the product doesn’t work. It’s old technology that could be written by one software developer in a month. Google have produced a product that will instantly do what Myshoppinggenie says it will do automatically with your standard Google search. It is currently available for free to people who use and will be available here soon. There’s no $199 or $29 a month needed for me to tell you that. It’s free of charge.

    It will also show the site nearest you as well as the cheapest. Try searching for a product with Myshoppinggenie and see if you get an Irish site. Ever notice that the search always throws up a sterling price?

    Furthermore, tMyshoppingenie use Google in all their promotions and yet never tell anyone that Google have stated that they have no dealings with Myshoppinggenie whatsoever.

    Neither do eBay or Kelkoo and yet these are the engines that Myshoppinggenie directs your search to. They tell you that you get paid ‘pay per click income’ from Clickbank, a legitimate company. Clickbank don’t pay ‘pay per click’. They only deal in actual commissions when someone buys a product, a far cry from the billions of dollars that Google earned in ‘pay per click’!

    And let’s be clear about that again. Myshoppinggenie says that you can make a fortune on ‘pay per click’ and yet they don’t sign up with the company who actually takes in 90% of that income in Ireland?

    Why do they pretend, at presentations, that the company is in a huge office block somewhere between Google and eBay in St.Louis when David Freed already told the Better Business Bureau in America that there were only six people working out of an office in Creve Couer?

    Jon van Deurzen called Myshoppingenie “a billion dollar brand”.

    Fact: Myshoppinggenie haven’t even trademarked the brand. Does that sound like the sort of thing a company would leave out if it were expecting to be here for a few years?

    They say that Myshoppingenie is patented.

    Fact: There is no patent registered anywhere in the world for Myshoppinggenie or MyNet Universe and Myshoppingenie have never provided the registered patent number when asked? Does that sound like a company who has nothing to hide?

    Have you asked yourself why there is no literature, no brochures, no manual, no written contracts? Why is there nothing written down and everything up on the web, which, let’s face it, can be taken down in a matter of seconds?

    One of the many classic signs of a pyramid scheme is that it is promoted under the radar, by email and word of mouth. Ask yourself how you first heard about Myshoppingenie.

    What a lot of people don’t understand is that the law changed here three years ago. Before, it was very hard to prosecute a pyramid scheme because they could never requisition the paperwork. These guys don’t like to leave trails. Now, the law only requires evidence that the scheme is designed to get people recruiting people.

    Anyone knowingly involved in a pyramid scheme now, in this country, is subject to a fine of up to €150,000 and five years in jail and a further €10,000 per day for every day that they perpetuate the scheme. The worst part about this is that this applies to everyone, not just those at the top.

    And, you can be sure of one thing, those at the top will be long gone when the trouble starts.

    They are the real facts.

    Thanks for allowing me the chance to put the other side.


  13. Excellent comment by Earwigger above. Instead of believing all the hype and falling hook line and sinker for what the people at My Shopping Genie choose to say (be it truth or mistruth), you have provided a well-researched and well-written summary of the scam that it is.

    The Primetime report was very good – and very welcome. I was invited by a friend to one of these meetings recently. I was actually looking for a way to save money, not make it – and he was saying ah shur just come along to the meeting next week and see for yourself how it works.

    It was like an hour-long recruitment drive. Everything was money, money, money. They used terms like “people working for you” (ie those under you in the “tree”). They brought several people up on the podium to talk about having “going global” and ‘achieving financial freedom’. (Interestingly, not one of them disclosed how much money they are making from this – just that they’re now set up for life, etc. But personally, I’m only interested in hard facts.). People with blind faith in a company they know very little about. There was no focus whatsoever on the “free” genies (ie the genies you give to others not to save them money, but to make money for yourself). The whole presentation was given in PowerPoint format – everything set up in advance and ready to show to the salivating audience. My Shopping Genie purports to be a software application, yet there was no actual demonstration of the software at work! Instead, you are told to go home, download the Genie and input the ID of the person who invited you along to the event. Ka-ching! More money for them. You browse the Genie, and they already start making money out of you. You are advised to waste no time and sign up straight away to start making money immediately. You are also advised to set aside a couple of hours every day when you will make calls to everyone you know (they told us to start with the numbers stored in our mobile phones). You let a designated person higher up in the tree know what times you will be “working” so that they can be on hand to back you up. Then when trying to make a sale over the phone, you tell your friend/relative that you will invite such-and-such into the call so the friend/relative can ask any questions they may have. But in reality, that third person is only there to provide reassurance that yes this product is great and it works and it’s well worth buying. They are not there for the benefit of your friend/relative, they are there to help you close the sale. And they weren’t shy about saying this at the meeting!

    You do get sucked in and go home on a buzz. They want people to purchase a “license” that same night with the premise that you can start making money right away – but of course, if you take a few days to think it over and do some research, you may not go ahead with it at all. And they don’t want that.

    The Primetime report showed that this is indeed a pyramid and it’s all about making money for people at the top. You shell out $199 for your own interests. You don’t give someone a “gift” of the Shopping Genie software so that they can save money, you give it so that you can make money. The people who have been sucked in by this scheme will generally be super-quick to defend it. And I say to those people, whether you like it or not, under Irish law this is a pyramid and you have willingly become involved in something that is essentially illegal here. Saying that this company is helping Irish people out of a rut in recessionary times is absolute rubbish – they are not here to make money for YOU, you are merely a pawn in their grand scheme. They are here for one reason only and that is to expand THEIR OWN wealth. My Shopping Genie is not a revolutionary piece of software, it really isn’t all that good – indeed, if it’s as brilliant as the Genie licensees say, it would be demonstrated efficiently at the meetings! (After all, they have laptops with Internet access hooked up to big screens and they all know how to use the software). The presenter would connect to the Internet there and then, and users would be able to try it out for themselves. And it would be publicised properly and openly: no come-by-invite meetings that are otherwise unadvertised. I was invited via Facebook then email.

    My friend wasn’t able to answer any questions I had about the company and the software. Neither was the person above him in the “tree”. They simply regurgitated all the blurb they were told themselves at the various meetings they had attended. But they completely failed to address my concerns. Yet if I am essentially going to give you fifty dollars for something that I know little or nothing about (because if I purchase a license for $199, you automatically get $50 of my $199) then I damnwell expect you to know about it yourself and to be able to tell me all I want to know about it!!

    There, my tuppence. I was not sucked in by the meeting, though I admit I did go home on a buzz and considering parting with some of my very hard-earned money. Then I pinched myself.


  14. Nicely put, Snuffleufagus.

    I too got caught up in the enthusiasm at the first meeting and it’s very hard to swim against a tide. That’s why they pack the meetings with people who have already bought in. They are encouraged to go back again and again to presentations they have already seen so that the room is overwhelmed by positive comments.

    I have a lot of sympathy for those that got sucked in. The whole thing is based on trust; you trust the people who say you can earn $300 per month in click income. You trust the people who say that you can make $20,000 per week in earnings in just a few months. Who else would give you such an opportunity but these nice people.

    It’s hard to look at it rationally and simultaneously burst the bubble of your hopes and financial salvation. The real evil in this world is usually perpetrated by people who pretend that they are forces for good.

    Well done for walking away. It would have been very easy to sign up.


  15. Earwigger, exactly how do any of the 1.6 million people who’ve installed the free Genie application “suffer”? Worst case – they don’t find what their looking for – but “suffering” is a choice derived from their own perceptions – not from a free application designed to sort and sift through Internet price comparisons.

    Furthermore – how does 40-1 ratio between installed Genie Applications over Distributors constitute a case for a “pyramid scheme”? If its money – you can’t make money simply by giving away the software – it’s free. Just like Google’s Chrome will be when they launch their own product application (surfing ONLY their product application) based on the advertising revenue generated for Google – not by consumer price.

    It’s one of the reasons why Google isn’t part of the “click income” pool. When they launch their own product – do you think they’ll want to share that revenue? They spank any successful affiliate who figures out how to work THEIR system better than they do. (Just ask the 15,000 affiliates who’ve been banned by Google in the last 6 months. Myself included.)

    Maybe that’s why you can’t find any written “documentation” for Google either. ;-P

    With over 300,000 searches conducted per day via MyShoppingGenie – it would be far too easy for Google to just cut the cord and keep that money themselves. (Like, they need a couple more BILLION from click income.) So Genie offers it – but let the end users figure out that BizRate,, DealTime, Payless Search, and PriceGrabber (who are all more experienced and focused solely on price not advertising revenue) actually offer better results and offers to consumers.

    Interesting how the issues quickly shift to “pyramid theories” that nobody can ever provide examples of (not a single company has ever found that elusive last person at the bottom of the pyramid) – how perceptions and fears are pitched as fact – and the bantering of he said – she said.

    – I’ve been to the MyNetUniverse Corporate office in St. Louis – while I didn’t measure it, it’s very large and houses more than 6 employees. (Scouts honor.)

    – Bruce Wolferding advertised HIMSELF as a Banking consultant – nothing more. He got involved because his wife introduced him. Bill Shaw’s wife did the same. Both wives I would imagine like to shop. Both men are successful and smart business minds. They liked what they saw. Heck – I liked what I saw based on common business sense and insight on where money and business is shifting – the Internet.

    – Patents are commonly “pending” when products are consistently improved with provisional patent filings.

    – Try infringing on the MyShoppingGenie filing of a trademark and see what happens.

    Lastly, I’ve yet to have anyone hold a gun to my head or pressure me to go out and recruit. (Nor did anyone do the same to you.) I like the product and I make far more by giving away free applications to save people money. The ratio of Distributors who do the same is 3-1.
    It’s why there are 40 times more applications and end users out there than Distributors.
    You’re more than welcome to keep all the focus and attention on what YOU fear most – money and recruiting. The rest of us who took the time to look below the surface (instead of “on the surface” like so many of you admit to doing) see MyShoppingGenie for what it really is.

    Of course – we’re on the inside with experience.

    All you have are perception and opinions.


  16. Its no better than an ordinary Google search. I was looking for video camera batterys yesterday and came up with a couple of good sites. Downloaded the Genie today…did the same search and came up with pretty much the same site as with the ordinary Google search.
    Now why would anyone in their right mind even contemplate buying into it. I wouldn’t like to insult the intelligience of my friends and aquiantances by suggesting they should .buy this software and then in turn convince others in return to do so. I may suggest that they downlaod it for free for themselves and then shop till they drop

    People should be well aware nowadays that thsese schemes or scams will not make you rich overnight.and if they do get cuaghyt out then it will only happen to them once I,m sure.


  17. Jonathon Swift wrote in his book ‘Polite Conversation’ – “You know, there’s none so blind as they that won’t see” and it’s obvious that you, Genie Gems, will never be persuaded that Myshoppinggenie has too many questions to answer.

    I don’t know if that is because you are too heavily involved yourself, and are a willing perpetrator of a scam, or that you are too close to see it for yourself.

    Firstly, about ‘pay per click’ and Google. Google have the capacity to receive money from advertisers to direct traffic to them. You can go directly to their website, sign up and you pay them directly.

    Myshoppinggenie has no such capacity. It is reliant on third party companies like, eBay, Kelkoo, Google etc to pay them before they can pay their distributors. Yet these companies have said that they have nothing to do with Myshoppinggenie.

    Google do not charge you to do this, they pay you a percentage of any moneys they earn. Myshoppingenie purports to do the same but only after you have paid $199 and $29 per month. Imagine if Google tried something like that.

    You said – “Patents are commonly “pending” when products are consistently improved with provisional patent filings.”

    Bear with me on this one because I have to get a bit technical:

    International Patent law is very specific. You cannot have published something before you patent it. By publish, they mean it can’t even be shown to the general public at a trade show let alone used by them on a website.

    The term ‘patent pending’ can only be used for a maximum of 18 months and then lapses. So if Myshoppinggenie say that they can’t produce a registered patent number because it’s ‘patent pending’ that only covers them for the last 18 months. If they didn’t register a patent before that they cannot have a patentable product because they have been using it since 2007.

    Furthermore, they have been asked to give the registered patent number of any original product and still have not been able to supply it. No patent has been registered by Myshoppingenie or MyNet Universe relating to Myshoppinggenie in Ireland, the EU, the US or anywhere else in the world!

    You also say- “Try infringing on the MyShoppingGenie filing of a trademark and see what happens. ”

    I’m afraid you may be in for a surprise there also.

    MyNet Universe, Inc. applied for a US trademark (Application No. 77/481466 – MY SHOPPING GENIE) on 22 May 2008 but this was never pursued through to registration.

    It was therefore officially deemed abandoned and Myshoppingenie has no trademark at all.
    They didn’t pursue it because they knew that other companies were there long before them.

    Believe it or not, there is actually an EU Community Trade Mark Registration No. 1472868 – “SHOPGENIE” held by a (UK) Limited registered and in place since the 24th of January 2000.

    I think the ones to be worried about trademark infringement are those involved with Myshoppinggenie.

    Every fact you set out is a quote from a company who has proved itself incapable of telling the truth. You seem to think that, just because they say it, it must be true and yet whenever they are asked for independent documentary proof of any of these apparent facts, they are singularly unable to come up with one document.

    These guys are convicted fraudsters and liars.

    Genie Gems, I mean this sincerely when I say – please don’t join their ranks.


  18. I strongly disagree with this being a brilliant write up, unlike Earwigger : I’m sure the definition of an Earwigger isn’t the best, as most earwigger’s normally pick up misinformed information or Chinese whispers… turn sending out the wrong information and in some cases case wide spread panic. When the initial message was not picked up the right way….an apt name for yourself my friend (pity you don’t use your real name???)

    To all the other “Nay Sayers”, “Aul One’s”, “Lay People” , “Gossip Mongers” and all round misinformed idiots: have a listen to this.

    [audio src="" /]

    Found here:

    Yes indeed that was William Shaw Former VP of CNN (the one thing you actually got right Earwigger?? I must admit you made a few good points about technology, but that’s about it my friend??)

    Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM businesses have been around for years, examples, Amway, Forever Living, Herbalife, Kleeneze, Oriflame, Euphoney, Imagine Telecom (Yes that’s right to all the “Lay People”…………welcome to the revelation…….even Airtricity!!)

    Network Marketing is big business, as it’s been around over 30 years, for the misinformed they often confuse Network Marketing companies with Pyramid Schemes or Scams. I’ve heard it all before as I am involved in a Network Marketing company that has a 30 year representation and is in over 140 countries………..I think this scars Irish people……a select few of us, can actually think outside the box!! There is a revolution happening, conventional business is suffering, that is why more and more people are looking to work from home.

    I stand corrected once more Earwigger (I really do hate that name, it pains me to put it in black and white pixels): Ordinary decent folk are not the only one’s in this business, I found out up to 70% of Genie License holders are business people…..slightly more clued in then most apparently!!

    Why? Free advertising, as every Genie App can be branded with business details. Did I mention free SEO; shock/horror……….yes it will also give companies who can’t afford to be on the front page of top Search engines, free Search Engine Optimization!! WOW!! Now tell me, do companies not want to be on the front page of Google??

    Most of my team our foreign, as I have realised over the years that this country needs to wake up…….think outside the box!! That’s why I have learnt with 3 years of Network Marketing experience that, Irish people in general, just don’t get it?? Those of us who do, we shall reap the rewards!! The rest of you can wait for the Irish Government to say it’s going to be ok!! Or is it??

    My Net Universe, a company with a 3 year reputation and strong foundations, have hired one of Dublin’s top Law Firms to deal with this initial negative press. We also have hired a top PR Company to help promote the product!! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A COMPANY THAT HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE??? I’m holding back hear, for I don’t want to call the”Lay’s” something I shouldn’t?? 😉

    All Network Marketing Companies are equal opportunity companies, they do not judge anyone!! As this is a Catholic Country?? Hmmmmmmm I might have to rethink that phrase, given the state of our “you know what’s”!! God wanted us to see everyone as equal, Network Marketing see’s everyone who wants an opportunity as equal………hence some misinformed reporter, jumped to conclusions when talking about our Top Networker, Bruce Bise.

    The True Story behind Bruce: Bruce was a top business man back in the States, a number of years ago he went to the banks to ask for a loan to start up his own company. Having done a background check on him, the banks agreed to give him the loan!! However during a certain period of time, the company failed and Bruce owed a substantial amount of money to the banks. They came after him………being a family man, Bruce got scared, he thought he’d loose everything…….so he went on the run!! When you back someone into a corner, their instincts normally take over, we all do things spontaneously, without a second glance!! His instinct was to protect himself and his family…………I would have done the same.

    They eventually caught up with him, a three year sentence was agreed upon initially!! When Bruce went to court they decided to increase the sentence to 7 years…….in the States, the sentences are not as light as here for an honest decent man, who was trying to protect his family!!

    That is why Bruce’s name has been tarnished, the media will never tell you the full story, they always pick up on bit’s and pieces of biased rubbish, to try and hang someone!! That’s the media for you my friends!!

    Media / Newspapers / Magazine’s are all running scared at the moment, they are all at huge losses…………as the Transition has hit……….everything is going online!!

    You all need to get out more / study more / be more Worldly wise / think outside the box / study the concept of Network Marketing ( I hear a top college in Dublin, will be offering a course on this soon) / read more people, about what is truly going on in the World, outside of Ireland!!

    Top tips: Read books by Jim Rohn / Robert Kiyosaki!! Join Network Marketing Groups on Facebook, example Jim Chao!!

    Basically Wake Up!!

    PS: Pyramid Scheme: Normally have to buy in for Huge lump sums of money, the next person buys in for more then the last!! Therefore the person at the top always benefit and others loose out!!

    A Shopping Genie License costs $ 199.00 dollars (approx €150-160), has a 30 day money back guarantee and every licensee pays the same!! Entitling the license holder to give away as many apps as they want / free branding / free SEO (can cost thousands) / Saving Money on Products Bought / getting PPC income and commission on products bought using the Genie / websites have auto-responder’s built in / marketing tools / html for banners / flyer print outs / coupons etc.

    $29.00 monthly subscription fee, for maintenance of websites as they are constantly being updated (check with most web companies, this is standard with legit websites across the board). Maintenance of Back Office, which tracks all activity within your business!! Provides you with email information from auto-responders, what you’re getting paid on, invoices for your license fee, invoices for your monthly subscription fees etc.

    Anyone want to challenge me Now????????

    Hmmmmmm let’s see??

    Proud Genie License Holder



  19. We in the business have heard all the crap before. The poor guys at the bottom get nothing. That’s how your own people work. In your first few lines, Brendan, you managed to get facts wrong. You were not there, you are not involved, so why talk about hearsay.


  20. I have been in network marketing now for just under 4 years and it is an amazing industry to be in.

    I was studying the shopping genie opportunity and considering joining, infact one of the guys featured in the primetime TV’s cut and shut video is a friend of mine.

    Have you all heard of let’s see umm “SIR” Richard Branson? if not maybe you have heard of Donald Trump ? How about Warren Buffet? Paul Zane Pilzer ?

    They all own network marketing / multi level marketing companies with similar commission plans to the genie.

    Now let’s take someone called “SIR Richard Branson”

    If you were given a night hood and were worth billions would you risk that by opening an illegal company?

    The truth is for years international governments have quashed the dreams of people through media to make them believe they are not good enough.

    Why do governments not want us to know that network marketing is a realistic and legal path to financial freedom?

    They want YOU to stay small.

    It would not be surprise me if the prime time tv report was not a deliberate attempt by the irish government to slow the genie down.


    Because you Can’t tax a rich man, and the Irish Government need every penny they can get right now.

    Anyone who can’t see network marketing and MLM for what is it is simply a victim of indoctrination.

    I am signing as a distributor tomorrow morning, why? Because I have a go given right to think for myself but more importantly I have a god given right to believe that I am worth more than what society would have me believe.

    If all the nay sayers are happy with going to work a nine to five and live a future that has ultimately been moulded for them by governments then that up to them.

    After becoming a distributor tomorrow I will make sure everyone I give it to know that they are entitled to believe they are worth more than what the government and media would have them believe.

    If people chose to be sheep then that’s up to them, I am a Sheppard and I will lead my flock to financial freedom.

    MLM Rocks


  21. Well after watching news report from RTE online over here in the Uk ,I have to admit it did raise an eye brow or two.

    Yes it is fair to say that the report did give the impression of a scam being built.
    But there was some dodgy editing and I am sure the undercover reporter has been well paid for his work.
    Surely the basic’s are apparent.
    You buy your licence $199 , you then can give away somthing for free and receive click income, no pressure or necessity to “Recruit” people , if you so wish to do you , your selling a Licence… or product… not asking someone to invest a lump of money on the pretence of a return………. Thats the original Pyramid scam………
    I am a proud and confident distributor and have sold 8 licences myself to people who looked at the business, didn’t go to any high profile meetings, but took the information and made an informed decision.
    Yes I have had my commission from the sales of the licences.
    Yes I have had my first commission cheque for my click income.
    Both paid direct to my Bank account .

    If people dont want to be a part of this then so be it, move on.
    But let those who “SEE IT” get on with the business, I attended the UK Launch in Coventry.
    These corporate guys from My Net universe were all there, as were many serious business people who are no fools.

    The repurcussion from this RTE news report could be very serious as this company knew this would come and are legally prepared.
    Hell they are taking on probably the biggest change in MLM and retail trends ever seen.
    If I am wrong I will be the first to stand up and say so ,but to be hung out and drawn and quartered like this is unreal.

    If this was such an obvious scam and pyramind then their is a person called the Queen she has these guys who used to stand on our shores and demand money from anyone bringing Rum in from France or tobacco from America or Whiskey from Ireland, before you could bring it in.
    She still has these guys and they still have these powers and guns, they are called the Customs and Excise /The Department of Trade/Trading Standards etc etc. and they move quickly on these suspect companies.
    So if this does not get shut down very quickly then I think it is fair to say .
    Let it be ,the company is compliant with legislation for each country they move into.

    Yes it is spread by word of mouth. ask Robert Kayasaki and Stephen K Scott, the quickets and most efficient way to market anything is to give it to the Network marketters.

    For gods sake look at how much information and hype has been put on the internet by the Networkers in 48 hours , because of one “News Report” by RTE.
    It shows one thing we communicate and read things.
    Not just sitting watching TV and being fed the “Truth” by the media.
    Remember Princes Diana, The Twin Towers 911.
    You see what your given and have it delivered as the “Thruth” to be consumed.

    Let us all make our own minds up and let the legals commence.

    I have my faith in MSG as it is new and brave and it will rock some boats and cause some concerns.
    But its something for Free for people and they can and do save money and time.
    Our most valuable assets.
    So all I can say is “NEXT” comment.

    Happy shopping


  22. Sorry, Stuart, but you are either deliberating lying or hopelessly misinformed.

    Let me get one thing straight. I most certainly have nothing against Network Marketing. It can work very well in some businesses that are better suited to the personal touch.

    I am not a great fan of Multi Level Marketing but I have to acknowledge that the vast majority of MLM businesses are perfectly legal, if a bit too enthusiastic on the sales pitch front for my liking. But that is just a personal preference.

    Bruce Bise is not a misunderstood businessman who panicked and fled from his debts to the banks. That would be a matter for civil litigation and nothing to do with the criminal law. Not even the americans lock up people for seven years on a civil matter.

    He started life learning how to become a preacher and then went into his father’s insurace business where he was first investigated for embezzling funds. He had his licence withdrawn and he continued on his career of fraud.

    Bise was convicted of Felony Forgery and sentenced to four years for that. He was given an additional seven years, to run concurrently, for Frudulent Schemes Artifice which took into account criminal fraudulent schemes that he was perpetrating already in Arizona.

    The file on Myshoppinggenie is going to end up with the National Consumer Agency and the Garda fraud Squad and, believe me, there is plenty more that is going to come out in the coming weeks.

    Please watch how deep you get into this and re evaluate your relatioship with them for your own sake.

    They are not a nice group of people.


  23. Hi All

    It is good that people are willing to stick to their guns and their opinions, and it’s been a good discussion and most have managed to keep it friendly. It has become clear that this discussion that the network marketing industry/ Multi Level Marketing is a legal industry; this has even been pointed out by Earwigger who seemed to be totally against the industry.

    I respect you for being honest about the industry as a whole. I have a criminal record myself, I am not proud of it but I have one from many years back nothing major but still a criminal record. Having a criminal record does not make someone a lifelong scoundrel. The guy made mistakes granted, whatever they were, it is not for to any of us to judge him. We will never know the full and true details of his convictions, with documented proof, who ‘s to say he was not a victim himself, it is possible, maybe he took a fall for someone else.

    The other top figures behind the company are reputable business figures across America. I have studied the income plan of the Genie and can say hand on heart that the genie is not a pyramid scheme or scam. I believe if the programme on prime time had been longer and not so one sided this would have been made clear. They did not go into any detail on the income plan and only showed the parts where huge money was suggested and the option of bringing in new distributors to expand your organisation.

    The Prime time TV programme did have parts in that would made reference to you making “more money” by bringing new distributors into the business, it did not say that you won’t make money unless you do. You can earn money from the application on its own merit without recruiting anyone.

    That alone makes this company legal. I think we should now all just chill out and let’s see what the forthcoming legal proceedings bring.

    I believe the company will be fine.


  24. Good man Pearse you make a lot of sense ,living here in the Irish Republic we have a long history of begrudgury hating to see someone make a better life for themselves , you would swear people are paying thousands of euro to get in to Myshoppinggenie 160 euro to buy a licence a lot of people here will smoke and drink that amount every week , our country is on its knees and its sad to see people knock an opportunity to make a few extra bob every week or month,there are no people at the bottom of the pyrimid because everyone sets up ther own business and pays the company, then its up to you to work it any way you want ,my God imagine losing 160 euro in a failed business hardly as bad as losing all your money in usless bank shares , and to see the guys that you invested with still on the
    perks and merks ! wake up folks and smell the coffee we are still a free country in spite of all these professional people robbing us ,get in to networkmarketing and get a life then live a life ,roll on the Shoppinggenie may it shorten the dole queues a grant from the goverment to unemployed people to join the genie would do wonders for the country


  25. Earwigger;

    This isn’t written in any book – but I like the quote.

    “There are no stupid questions – just stupid people who ask them.”

    Google was a source of income for me for two years – and I was making decent money with it from various sites and blogs I own.

    Then one day Google decided to ban my account.

    No reason. No response. No ability to find out why.

    Google did the same thing to about 15,000 marketers this year – all of them having the same level of success in getting any answers or ability to generate revenue from the great and powerful Google.

    Because you don’t have the experience or knowledge about Google I do, being someone who merely tries to dig up trash using the search engine – you wouldn’t know that.

    I’ve also been an affiliate with and ClickBank for years. When I signed up with MyShoppingGenie – I placed my account numbers from both into the MyShoppingGenie back office and now generate commission based on what my customers are actually looking for – not what I think they might like. And since I’m not a mind reader – the ability place any product they search for via MyShoppingGenie is something I saw as a huge advantage – and it was very simple to implement.

    Again – being someone who only asks questions, nor has my experience – you wouldn’t know that either.

    It’s also why you don’t know Genie 4.0 was released back in May of this year. (Not 2007) Even if you’re correct about the patent issue (and since it’s so trivial – I won’t bother to check) the company has another year to square things away with the patent office.

    The trademark issue. (Sigh) Again, go try to infringe on it and see what happens. Obviously you’re so high and mighty with “knowledge” you need something “practical” to knock some sense into you.

    See Earwigger – it’s all about questions for guys like you. It’s never about the answers. Just bombard people with as many questions as you can to take the focus away from what’s really going on. Direct it with fear and phobias to add feeling and emotion into the equation. It’s the single biggest reason why the tired and outdated word “pyramid scheme” still swirls rent free inside your head.

    I’ve been to the Corporate Office – have you?

    I’ve personally spoken with and discussed one on one with the MyShoppingGenie executives – have you?

    I make click income from BizRate,, DealTime, Payless Search, and PriceGrabber, not just Google – do you?

    I make sales commission with and ClickBank – do you?

    Probably not based on what you’ve written.

    My Father-in-Law now pays half of what he use to for his diabetic supplies thanks to installing and using the MyShoppingGenie application.

    My kids use it to find the toys they want for Christmas. (Which will save me a bundle.)

    I have a gorgeous new flat screen to watch American Football with – found with and paid for thanks to MyShoppingGenie.

    I have no need – nor have any desire to become a fraudster and liar. It’s the furthest thing from my mind Earwigger.

    That’s YOUR illusion, not my reality.

    I have the ability to make up my own mind and make my own choices based on answers – not questions.


  26. Pearse, you make your points very well, especially the one about a criminal record. However, you cannot ignore a person’s past completely and the best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour.

    Many people acquire a criminal record and reform. In fact it is sometimes a wake up call and may lead to life changing experiences.

    Bruce’s record are regarded as serious felonies, not simple cheque forgery, and what he got into afterwards was equally dishonest. I see no reason to believe he has changed after all of the scams he’s been involved in.

    Then he teams up with Jon van Deurzen, serial pyramid scammer and the great daddy of all pyramid schemes, Jim Fobeir is on the website extolling the vitues of Myshoppinggenie.

    Genie Gems – That’s a very arrogant statement to make – “There are no stupid questions – just stupid people who ask them.”

    I would say that it is the smart people that ask the questions.

    This country is in the mess that it’s in because we didn’t ask enough questions and merely accepted the wordof the people who were taking the country for a ride.

    I have no doubt that you, personally, are making money. It is impossible not to make money at the top of a pyramid scheme and impossible not to lose it at the bottom. Whether you get to keep that money, your TV and any other assets you may have remains to be seen.

    However, you still can’t answer the very important questions I posed with anything but rhetoric and you are badly misinformed about patent law.

    The patent is not trivial, Genie Gems. It goes to the very heart of the company and makes a nonsense of Myshoppinggenie pretending to be a legitimate company if the haven’t patented the business. Even stupid people can understand that.

    The company have not got a year to square things. As I said before, patent law is very specific and cannot be squared retrospectively.

    I have no reason to slate Myshoppinggenie. I hate begrudgery and genuinely wish everyone well with any career that they undertake.

    But I can’t stand idly by and watch friends of mine get involved in a scheme that is dishonest ab initio. I too am entitled to my opinions and even feel I have a moral imperative to tell others if I uncover deceit in something they are investing in.

    I hope what I am doing is going to help, not hurt, other people who read this blog. Please believe me when I say that my motives are genuine.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.


  27. Folks can we please keep the conversation focused on asking and answering questions about My Shopping Genie. I don’t generally have rules around comments, but I will not tolerate personal insults at other commenters. Any further personally insulting comments will be deleted and the commenter blocked.


  28. My apologies Brendon and to you Earwigger.

    Pyramid Schemes nothing more than theory. There has never been a documented case of what you FEAR – ever. Oh sure, Governments shut down what they deem are pyramids – laws are made to protect against them – and all sorts of people dawn shining armory in attempts to protect others based on F.E.A.R.

    False Evidence Appearing Real

    I’ve provided dozens of examples over years from research, application, and writing that simply put your myths about “scams” and “pyramid schemes” where it belongs – in the can.


    Someone who gets involved with Avon today has just as much opportunity as Mrs. Albee did. She was the first Distributor for what was then known as the California Perfume Company – back in 1889. They changed the name to Avon in 1939 – market to half the world’s population – and still haven’t found that last elusive woman who will lose money at the bottom of your pyramid.

    Avon sold $10.7 Billion in product last year. The oldest company around is also the most successful when it comes to revenue topping the list of all Direct Sales companies who sell over $100 million per year.

    And they’ve been “recruiting” for 120 years.


    I’ve run into plenty of folks who not only buy into these myths – but stamp the label of worthy or un-worthy on companies and on people. As if someone I don’t even know has a say…

    I have no doubt you believe you’re helping others – it’s part of the M.O.

    Get sidetracked on Patents and Trademarks thinking it will help prove the point that someone is going to get hurt when there is no one left. We also can’t forget guilt by association. (I’ve always loved how that works when people look at who I am and what I do – as if someone else’s actions make up how I conduct my life.)

    It’s your life – and you’re entitled to run it accordingly.

    The boundaries halt however, when you attempt to run someone else’s.


  29. Thank you for your apology and I certainly mean no disrespect to you.

    You are absolutely allowed live your own life but we are all subject to civil and criminal boundaries that are there to protect the common good.

    You say there is no such thing as ‘pyramid schemes’. I beg to differ. They exist, they hurt many innocent people and they are rightfully outlawed in most countries.

    There are always genuine direct selling organisations that will get tarred with the dirty brush of the fraudulent scammers. That makes me, and should make you, more determined to root out these frauds.

    Thank you Brendan for bringing us all back to asking and answering the relevant questions. That way, we will all learn from this.

    I would genuinely like to here what others have to say on this subject.


  30. Interestingly…one of the “top earners” and a “Diamond” is 15 thousand dollars behind in child support in the US. Not exactly what one would call “ethical”


  31. Earwigger;

    If there is such a thing as “pyramids” can you document one for me?

    I’ve been asking for years, and all I get are companies others have claimed to be pyramids, even a few that have been shut down via Government intervention.

    But none thus far have ever been able to provide an actual company that has successfully found that last illusive person who couldn’t sell to someone else.

    Maybe you have the answer for me?

    My wife got involved with Mary Kay some years ago. She ran the business for several years. Some of her customers came from searching for a new Rep in the area. She finally dug up one of the former MK Reps that her new customer gave her.

    When asked why she got out her answer was astounding – “It was a pyramid – I got in too late and I couldn’t make any money.”

    Yet my wife was now the Sales Rep of the former Agent who couldn’t make any money.

    PS – Mary Kay is another company who’s been around since 1963 markets to that same half of the market share Avon does.

    Go figure….


  32. Its quite amazing why so many so called smart people in Ireland run down network marketing
    and call most of these genuine opportunities a pyramid or scam when they have no clue what the difference between them really are .
    Also the very same fools will pick up a newspaper or look at T.V.and believe what they say as always true ,just like believing the government telling us the best thing to do is bail out the banks .
    If you go to Germany or U.S.A you can ask anyone about M.L.M and their is no negative response .As a matter of fact its thought in HARVARD UNIVERSITY and many other universities across U.S.A even RICHARD BRANSON and DONALD TRUMP widely endorse it but in Ireland its always one of those pyramid schemes .
    MYNET UNIVERSE the shopping genie is the most fairest M.L.M company and opportunity that has ever come our way and has the ability to save Ireland from the worst depression we may ever see.
    .Lets look at the REAL FACTS .
    FACT everyone that purchases a licence pays the same price $199 and $29 per month and for that you get the opportunity to GIVE AWAY FREE APP that will save people TIME and MONEY shopping every time and you get paid every time they search for a product .You also get two web sites with your name on them and a very sophisticated back office that tells you your up to date account and also has a tracking system that keeps you informed of your business on a press of a button 24/7 .
    Now whats wrong with that .
    The one sided prime time report at no time mentioned the fact of how good the product was .Its obvious to anyone thats not blindfolded that if you build a team of distributors that buy a licence for the same price as you and give away Free App the same as you then your team will generate more revenue for the company and therefore the people who build the biggest teams deserve more commissions.But i suppose thats to complicated for smart boys.
    Tell me the difference between Macdonalds that sell licences for large amounts of money all over the world so they can move more product and you as a franchise must buy from them.The problem here is ordinary joe can,t get involved.
    But ordinary joe can with my shopping genie and anyone coming in below at the bottom of the so called pyramid can make more than the person above him if he builds a bigger team now thats fair .
    Do you want to know what a real pyramid is .
    The church, the guards, the government , the big company s .
    How many are at the top positions in these, are they not getting paid more than the people on the ground floor and what chance have you on the bottom or half way up this pyramid of ever getting to the top NONE no chance.Thats the real pyramid.
    So my friend you have little or no knowledge of what M.L.M or MYNET UNIVERSE is all about so you need to research them a little bit more before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you have already done.
    Its people like you that destroy some peoples only hope of getting out of this depression with your barstool option .


  33. Ray;

    Hate to say it – but we deal with the same misinformation, false fears and phobias about MLM and Network Marketing here in the U.S. that you do across the pond.

    Some of the names that promote the “pyramid theory” are almost as legendary as the companies they attempt to cut down – with little success.

    You are correct however about “The Donald” and many don’t know that Warren Buffett owns part of Pampered Chief. Other very successful business men are on company boards and associate themselves with Direct Sales companies here in the US.

    Hundreds of companies (big companies) really buy into the model and align themselves with Direct Sales. It’s a perfect model for them because they don’t actually pay a dime to the Direct Sales Company until a product has actually been sold. Their ROI is 100%.

    It’s one of the purest forms of marketing ever known.

    Think about it. Have you ever seen a single commercial or print ad for Google? How ‘bout Facebook? (Although I can’t wait to see the movie that comes out about it next month.)

    Yet both rank #1 and #2 respectively on the internet world wide simply by word of mouth.

    As a side note. Would anyone reading this turn down an opportunity to work with Donald Trump?

    The fact that he’s filed for bankruptcy (several times) never really comes into the equation.

    But a failed MLM or Network Marketing company – you never hear the end of it. It’s always a “Trump card” that’s pulled, no matter how long ago it happened or how many successful companies they’ve been involved.


  34. Hey, guys.

    Have you ever heard of YTB International. It operated under the names of your TravelBiz,, Travel Network, Global Travel Network, Travel Network Vacation Central,, and

    On August 4, 2008, a civil action was filed against YTB and certain executive officers of the Company in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, by the California Attorney General.

    The court found the following:

    While Defendants purport to be in the business of selling travel, their real business is the operation of a pyramid scheme that relies on the sale of essentially worthless websites they refer to as “online travel agencies.” For the opportunity to own and operate an online travel agency, consumers pay Defendants over $1,000 per year.

    To entice consumers to participate in their scheme, Defendants make untrue or misleading claims that consumers can become millionaires and receive special travel discounts offered only to professional travel agents. However, in 2007, consumers paid over $103 million to Defendants for websites, but made only $13 million in travel commissions in a business Defendants advertised as the “easiest way to make money” and earn “serious income” without any selling.

    Of the more than 200,000 consumers who purchased or maintained Defendants’ websites during 2007, 62% failed to earn a single travel commission — not even on their own personal travel. The typical participant made no money on the sale of travel. Furthermore, the typical annual travel commission earned was less than the cost of just one month for a consumer to maintain his or her website.

    The court found YTB guilty of the charges and made a ruling requiring YTB to pay $1 million in penalties, costs, and restitution to California victims who filed complaints against YTB

    Sound like a familiar business? Fantastic opportunity. Let the working person have an opportunity that only big business usually gets. Internet is the future. Fortunes to be made. Made up statistics that were never substantiated?

    Care to give a guess who was running this pyramid scheme?

    Mr Andy Cauthen …

    Who’s he, I hear you ask.

    He’s none other than the current President of MyNet Universe.

    How many more serial pyramid scammers do you need running this business before you start realising that it is just another of their schemes to cream money off hard working people?

    I will continue to provide facts that can be proven. Myshoppinggenie promoters might try to do the same.


  35. Earwigger;

    You my friend are misinforming and misleading people about YTB. That’s only what was filed against the company by the State of California.

    Here are the facts about that case and what actually happened as a result.

    The courts did NOT even rule – because it was settled out of court. YTB did pay money in a settlement with $875,000 going to the State of California for their share and “trouble” and a measly $125,000 going to the “victims” the State Claimed it was attempting to “protect”.

    The original suit was for $25 MILLION and was a lame stunt to shut the company down. Bleed it dry if you will with fees and fines. It was also a very successful scare tactic that spread fear into many who were with the company at the time.

    You’d think an Attorney General would have some clue of what a pyramid scheme really is – but we all found out differently.

    To this day – YTB still sells travel, and still recruits despite the attempt to shut it down.

    There was another Class Action filed days later for $100 Million in Illinois. From what I’ve been told was filed by the be all and end all of Law Firms. Really sharp guys who would put a double whammy on the company.

    I saw it as the same bogus crap the State of California pulled – just another state and another clueless class of Anti-MLM Zealots.

    What happened with that?

    The Class Action has been thrown out of the Courts no less than 6 times for being – and I quote the Judge who threw it out “redundant, immaterial, impertinent, or scandalous matter”.

    And the amazing part of the entire ordeal – the Plaintiffs think Class Actions are like cats with nine lives – they just keep coming back for more with the same crap thinking somehow the Courts will change their mind and the the light of day “It’s a pyramid scheme!”.

    I consider that pure insanity!

    Since YTB is still in business and still recruiting more than two years after both cases were filed – your comments and concerns are moot. Nor would I consider Andy Cauthen guilty of anything based on the outcome of either lame attempt to throw the pyramid label on an MLM from two states who don’t know a thing about the MLM industry.

    Now quit playing games with me and provide what I’ve asked for.

    A true example of a company that has run out of “suckers”.


  36. PS – For the record and so that everyone knows who’s telling the truth and who’s blowing smoke here.

    Here’s one of the 6 rulings form the Illinois Class Action with YTB:

    Click to access

    Here’s the Settlement from California with YTB:

    Click to access n1737_ytbstipulatedjudgment.pdf

    I’ve got nothing to hide – but I do take issue with people who spin and mislead for their own twisted fears and phobias.


  37. Nicely done Genie Gems!

    The Honorable Judge Murphy called a spade a spade there. Another ruling called suit a “glorified fishing expedition” and in this ruling an “ungainly monster” which is exactly what Earwigger is attempting to create with MyShoppingGenie. California courts were just as irritated, and wanted the two side to resolve this issue outside the court.

    Looks to me like the RTE piece and folks like Earwigger are part of the problem there is Ireland, not part of the solution. Attempting to keep people uninformed and uneducated by telling only half the story under the charade of protection.

    YTB remains one of the top Travel Agencies in the Country with millions sold each year on Travel Weekly’s Power List.


  38. Not quite the truth again, Genie Gems.

    The Illinois judgement covered a civil case taken by a group of YTB investors who sued the company. The court dismissed the case because the majority of people that took it lived outside the state of Illinois and couldn’t get relief under the statue that they sued under. It was, by no means, a vindication of YTB or Andy Cauthen.

    In the California action, which was taken by the Attorney General of the state himself he said the followng:

    California’s Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today said it had completed an agreement forcing YTB International to stop the “deceptive marketing of its largely unprofitable travel websites” and hit YTB with $1 million in penalties bringing an end to an “elaborate pyramid scheme

    “YTB falsely promised customers they could get rich quick by selling travel online,” Brown said. “In reality, customers were reeled into an elaborate pyramid scheme and most never earned a dime. Today’s settlement ends YTB’s pyramid scheme by arming consumers with hard facts and eliminating the need to sign up for this largely unprofitable website.”

    Once again, I have nothing but a wish to keep fraudsters and conmen from preying on those who have not heard the full truth.


  39. LOL! Like you, the Attorney General said a lot of things – but the document I supplied has truth. (Thus, why I supplied it for everyone to read.)

    The ruling in Illinois and the settlement papers stand on their own merit – without the need for Jerry’s “interpretation” or yours.

    Furthermore, YTB is still selling travel and still recruiting in California and across the country. They haven’t found that last person yet either.

    Which reminds me….

    How you comin’ on the example I asked about?


  40. I just wanted to state that Earwigger is a legend and I wish I’d seen comments like these before I joined myshoppinggenie a few weeks back. I canceled today mainly due to the fact that the people I was trying to sign up under me worked in MLM and warned me it was a pyramid scheme. They had gone to the presentations like me and felt very uncomfortable on the emphasis to recruit people just as I did. If there are people out there making good money on the genie through click income I say fair play and good luck to them in terms of growing that. If on the other hand you are getting people under you and not getting many apps on machines could this come back to haunt you if these people are ever prosecuted. I heard one bloke on the video mention he had a thousand people under him in such a short space of time, but wondered how many app downloads had he gained. I’m sure he wasn’t focused on the later. I asked why was it patent pending shortly after I joined but was fogged off the subject. I also told the people at the recruitment event that it looked like a pyramid scheme but was made to look silly when they mentioned it’s been going for more than 3 years. As the lawyer in the video piece mentioned they can use the product in the States with their drive but no so much in Ireland if the emphasis is on recruitment which having experienced it myself I beleive it very much is. I honestly wish everyone the best who believe in the product and it’s potential and I hope you make good money. If it is a scam it’s an incredibly good one with a product that does a decent job although I did find the Google Shopping search was rarely beaten on price. Google have some of the best software people in the world so if the Genie did become a threat they would soon fight back but do they really need to when there is no patent on the product?? I just feel the business model is unsustainable in the long run with the potential to have more distributors than product users due to emphasis on recruitment. Again I wish everyone the best with it and Earwigger has stated a lot of facts about the company and the product that should not be knocked. At the end of the day if there is a chance you could face possible prosecution with this you should pat him on the back for just throwing the info out there.


  41. Firstly I’ve really enjoyed the debate on this topic. Secondly I fail to see how MSG can be called a scam or a pyramid scheme when the app is given away free and there is an opportunity to earn money without recruiting.

    I’m a distributor for Utility Warehouse in UK. The company provides Electric, Gas, Home Phone, Mobile & Broadband all in one package plus a discount card to use with a large number of major retail outlets. I receive a commision as a percentage of a customers monthly bill. If I “recruit” someone into my team I receive a percentage of their commission and so on…..I can therefore earn money without recruiting but earn more by recruiting, it’s my choice. I see no difference between the two business models.

    Does the top earner in Monavie make almost half a million dollars per month selling bottles of fruit juice herself? Of course not. The top earners in Avon by selling face cream? Etc etc..

    The chequered past of those at the top of MSG is a concern I must admit. However, In the last couple of years the near collapse of the banking system is gonna cost me and everyone else in the UK around £22,000! Now that is a scam! As has already been pointed out some of the richest men in the world are former bankrupts.

    Tbh I would feel a lot more comfortable giving someone a free app that could save them money, than selling vastly overpriced berry juice or cosmetics. Personal choice at the end of the day.


  42. These are my comments;

    1.- The application does NOT work as advertised. The Genie is meant to find the cheapest price on a particular product. The Genie takes your search parameter and introduces into the REAL search engines. Then you have to find the cheapest product among those sites. Thus the product “narrows” the search for the cheapest product.

    2.- The application fails to work correctly in Ireland. All search engines used are UK based, this means that either they don’t ship to Ireland (some companies with an Irish subsidiary will refer you the their Irish company) or the shipping costs make the item more expensive (UK and Ireland are DIFFERENT countries) [For those not familiar with islands, it would be as if the American version of the Genie only searched Canadian sites and shop and you have to buy from them] Lastly, even if the item is cheaper, you will have warranty problems, you may have to send the item (at your cost whipping the saving) to the retailer.

    3.- Program will fade away with time as it becomes less and less used. The program helps locate cheaper products of medium value (laptops, iPads, cameras, DVD…), but how often do you buy this products? Also, it fails on items of high value, as per point 2, an Irish person would not use it to buy a fridge or a cooker (stove) or a big TV, due to shipping costs. Cheap items are also out of reach, will any one use it to buy milk, bread or any other groceries? what about buying clothes without trying them on first? As with other web-software, with time people stops using it; how many people are cancelling Facebook?, how many are using it less and less every day?

    4.- I back-engineer the software and did some normal usage analysis and I can definitively say that the product does NOT inform the search engines used nor it informs a third-party company about any clicks done. On a normal situation, company A hosts and add for company B, when the user click on the add a third-party company records the click and statistics about it (time/date, location…) then the third-party produces a report an company A pays company B on regards of clicks counted. Google doesn’t use a third party company, but does the something, it counts the clicks. The software does NOT inform a third-party company nor any of the search engines used.

    5.- MyShoppingGenie is informed of how many Genies are installed and the distributor that installed/gave the software. They also count how many times the compare button is used, so this is how they could pay the commission, but as per point 4 the search engines are not paying as they have no way of knowing that a search was done by a Genie. In the case of Mr. Parkinson, he installed 89 Genies and got $190, that is $2 per Genie or $1 lower than said on the sales pitch. As per point 2, with time people will stop using it and then the income will drop bellow the cost of $30.

    MyShoppingGenie will pay (as proven by Mr. Parkinson) pay-per-click commission, but will this be sustainable? Mr. Parkinson paid $199 license fee and 3 monthly payments of $30, that is $389 and he got back $190, so far he is loosing money. The more his pay-per-click commission drops, the longer he will have to be involved to get his investment back and to make money.

    In summary; the software sort of does work, it helps locate the cheapest price by using other search engines, but the program also fails to inform other companies of usage. The business model to get the software to the end-user is the problem.

    Google Product Search (one of the engines used by the Genie) does what the program is set out to do; a single search and a single page where the products are listed in order from cheaper to most expensive. Within a few months Google Product Search will be in Ireland,UK and the rest of Europe, making the Genie “just another less efficient product”.


  43. wake up people would you rather keep paying google who are already millioners for your price search or would you like to get yourself out of recession and pay your self everytime you search the only scam in ireland is the goverment
    anglo irish cost to ireland 34 billion euro
    distribution licence for the genie 199 dollars i got paid 1728 dollars this week just got myself out of the recession


  44. Ciara;

    How many licenses did you sell to get that paycheck? Are you planning to maintain that level of income every month? How may free Genies did you give out?

    History is there to learn from it….

    Computer sales rocketed and then a crash, everyone had a computer (1997)

    Mobile phone sales rocketed and then a crash, everyone had a mobile phone (2002)

    House sales rocketed and then crash, everyone had a house (to many to list, UK 1980; Ireland 2006,…)

    Genies are sold great the first/second month, then everyone has a license or has a Genie, so crash…

    I am still of the opinion that Genies will stopped being used with time, and there goes your residual income. You only make sustainable income while selling licenses….

    Think back, how often did you use street view on the launch? How often do you use it now?
    Same with shops, when I new shop opens in town, everyone flacks to it for the first week/month, then people stop going for “fun” and only goes for necessity.


  45. She’s not talking about you paying them directly Brendan. She’s talking about the $26.3 BILLION Google earned in 2009 one click at a time from advertising you clicked on.

    You pay Google every time you click one of their ads – and what MSG is doing is capturing a portion of the click revenue on the internet and passing it back to you by giving away free Genie’s. Advertisers spent $320 billion last year, and it’s projected to exceed $500 billion this year.

    You can sit on the sidelines and watch – or you can get into the game.


    Again – as stated over on the other board. Would you assume that, e-Bay, Dell, and Google Products should all be concerned about your “crashes” and just pull the plug on their servers?

    As iPhone’s hit a wall – Apple came out with a new version of it that boosted sales again. Now they have the iPad.

    My first computer had DOS – then 3.0 – 3.1, 95, ME, XP, Vista, and now Windows 7.

    Point is – there is always something new and innovative that hits the market that people are going to flock to buy.

    I mean this with all due respect because I know how focused you are on this – and it’s obviously got your attention. Stop thinking so small – and start thinking like a business. It’s the only way your going to be successful in anything you do. MSG or otherwise.


  46. Pay-per-click is only paid if people clicks on the ads, Google charges more than other companies because it is TARGETED to the search.

    Other sites (everyone focus on Google) get FAR FAR FAR less money on advertising.
    There are two questions;

    1. It has been proven that none of the search engines used by MSG track the traffic produced by the software. To the search engine a customer that opens their main site and does a search and a customer that got the search done by MSG are IDENTICAL. MSG doesn’t pass any TRACEABLE information to the search engine. Since they don’t have information on MSG customers, they can’t pay money to MSG; there is no traceability.

    2. [Assuming there is a magical way to bypass point number 1] How can Kelkoo share the small amount they get from their pay-per-click ads to other companies? Not EVERY search in Kelkoo, BizRate or other engines used by MSG make money, only those searches were people click on ads makes money. If the search engine gets paid 1 or 2 cents per click, how much can they pay to MSG? Remember that only FEW searches produce money.

    Again, the saturation is on regards to Distributors (as this the main income of the program) on the market, are you going to invent and improve distributors? Also, as I said, pay-per-click will slow down, NOT every search done by MSG users will use the software.

    Google Product Search does the job the Genie fails to do; a simple one page with multiple shops/retailers all organised by price from lower to higher; how is MSG going to compete?

    You still have not answer point 1 on any of my postings…..


  47. If the search engines are not paying MSG pay-per-click income ( a.- They have say the don’t and b.- they is traceable way for them to pay) then, where is MSG getting the money?

    Who is paying MSG money to pay you pay-per-click? Could it be they are re-distributing the Licenses and monthly payments done by the distributors?

    You claim 40,000 distributors; that is $800,000 a month in income (just from the $20 [I took the $10 paid upstream]); I am sure they can take some of the and pay per-per-click to some distributors, they do have the numbers. Also what happened to the $60,000,000 paid in licenses? [Again I took the $50 paid upstream]

    Those are the questions to be asked, MSG has over $60,000,000 income on licenses and a monthly income of $800,000. Is that money being re-invested in the company? how? after all you have only mentioned one programmer, so there is no too much overhead.

    It is a great business, and I can see how the top people travel all over the world, just look at the numbers. An all for a program that really does nothing.


  48. Hi folks,
    i’ve tried to contact MyNet Universe regarding the pending patent situation but I’ve got silence? Does anyone else know why it’s like that currently or when it will be patented?


  49. Well well well why is it that there are people out there who think you can earn an income by sitting on your back sides playing on the Internet
    Hello wake up in the real world the only way you will do well here on earth Is to have a good work ethic yes there are successful companies like Facebook google etc but I tell u bill gates didn’t build Microsoft on his arse NO !
    In gods name get out there and get some fresh air
    There are so many people looking to earn a quick buck looking for the next best thng since sliced bread
    This software license business doesn’t add up you don’t get Microsoft charging £134 to join and £20 a month for a software license NO !
    If you want a bargain go to a car boot
    If you want a real business opportunity workng from home contact the DSA (direct selling association ) that’s is governed by the Office Of Fair Trading
    Tell me is it true that shopping genie wants to be a dsa member if so why ?
    They say that the business is not a pyramid but a software license company then why do they need dsa support
    There isn’t one software license company registered with the dsa


  50. I forgot to mention that I was contacted by a shopping genie distributor to join
    He told me that shopping genie was going to the high court in England to stop all so called lies that it’s not a pyramid
    Is this true


  51. They are saying they are going to court in Ireland too, but they don’t have a case.

    If the application is free, as it is, then you are buying a license. This could be a way for them to avoid the “legal definition” and to say that they are no selling products, not sure.

    What I know is that if they are hiring a solicitor and going to court, they will publicise the law firm’s name, to scare people. If they don’t publish this, it means they don’t have any firm contracted. Don’t forget that they are American and they sue people for no reason, once they are told they are responsible for court costs (in Ireland) id they loose, they may think twice.

    The software can’t be patent as it doesn’t do anything unique!!!!! If you look at the program, it copies a search parameter from a link and pastes the parameter on ANOTHER websites link. The program DOESN’T browse, select, create or present a website. All it does is copy/paste and open new websites. This can’t be patent as all browsers do this, right-click on a link and select open in new tab, this is the “same difference”.


  52. Stuart’s comment has been deleted because he was vulgar and offensive towards others in the discussion. You were warned. -BH


  53. We’re actually hearing just the opposite here in the US.

    MSG is waiting to see if the Irish Government has an actual issue. About all MSG has done thus far is provide the factual and accurate information that RTE left out of their piece and the 40-1 ratio of Genies being handed out over “recruiting” to the powers that be – and we’ll wait to see what happens from there.

    If they need further clarification – MSG is more than willing to oblige.

    If (and when) the Government doesn’t do anything – we know the entire exercise was nothing more that a Chinese fire drill.

    And Carbayon – I’ll make a deal with you and the rest of the gang who so desperately want to know how the click income works.

    You get me either the secret formula to Coke – or – KFC’s secret recipe and I’ll tell you how click income is made and distributed inside MSG.



  54. Hi Genie Gems. You might clarify the 40-1 ratio you mention. The MyShoppingGenie representatives interviewed on Primetime stated that two-thirds of the revenues come from the distributor recruitment scheme. That leaves one third coming from the pay-per-click revenue stream.

    There are some comments here that suggest there are in fact no pay-per-click arrangements in place with the various websites (Google, eBay etc). For transparency purposes you might clarify if this is the case.


  55. Sorry Brendan,

    I missed your post that stated, “Folks can we please keep the conversation focused on asking and answering questions about My Shopping Genie. I don’t generally have rules around comments, but I will not tolerate personal insults at other commenters. Any further personally insulting comments will be deleted and the commenter blocked.”

    Although I do think I had a fair argument, however you have my apologies!!

    I’m just standing up for those who want to better themselves during these though times we’ve all been faced with.

    I have to say I have actually read some of your other posts, I have to say they are quite impressive. At least you have an idea that we are in a transitional phase in terms of generating revenue, traffic, etc……through all online Social Media and Networking avenues!!

    Again if I have offended someone pass on my regards, this was not my intention!!

    I am happy that you have given me the opportunity to post here and I wish to continue to do so.

    As I believe I am taking a stand for a legitamate company, that is offering the people of Ireland an opportunity, that of it’s like, has not yet been presented to those of us who want to change our circumstances, by the official powers that be!! We could be a long time waiting…………………

    Thanks again.



  56. Gemini Gems;

    I repeat myself again, I have looked at ALL the traffic that passed through my network card and I have captured ALL the information. This is what I saw;
    – MyShoppingGenie sends information to Head Office to populate the BackOffice
    – MyShoopingGenie sends NO TRACEABLE information to the search engines (NONE!!!!!)

    What does this mean?
    – , Kelkoo, DealTime, Google… CAN’T pay MyNet; there are no records
    – These companies have already PUBLICLY said they DON’T pay MyNet any commission

    How is money paid to PPC?
    – Money is re-distributed internally from paid fees (license and monthly) [2/3 income]
    – PPC income decreases with time so eventually there is no payment.

    But, what about Amazon, ebay and others?
    – Distributors have to sign DIRECTLY with those companies to get paid!!!
    (not all distributors sign)
    – I too can sign with those companies without being MSG distributor,
    there is no advantage to being affiliated to MSG

    If anyone is interested in reading the report, I have no problem emailing, just let me know. It makes for a very nice reading, I also addressed ‘cookies’ before some smart distributor says cookies are the way to pass information. Simply and in one line, cookies store information, they don’t send it.


  57. I do not see the harm or “scam” in this, the pyramid is the standard business model starting with our government and every fortune 500 company or like Steve Jobs $.99 a (app) song scam. I like to save money and this genie dude makes it a lot easier, at least for me, all the tabs I want open automatically it is awesome and free ! So where’s the scam? or are you jealous as am I that we didn’t get to it first?


  58. I’ve just spent nearly two hours reading all the above posts and arguments. First, I would like to say thank you to all of you, whether you’re for or against, and read with interest the remarks from people who analysed the software.
    I AM concerned that there appears to be no ‘feedback’ to the search engines. I was not aware of this, and it will be the subject of a question I bring up at a webinar tonight.

    If I may put aside the technicalities and legalities for a moment:
    I hope I’m an honest person, and would not wish to con anybody for personal gain. I have never pressured the recruitment aspect of MSG, and concentrate on giving out Genies. Some people have contacted me for further information, but I simply inform them of what I know, and leave the decision to them – absolutely no pressure selling whatsoever.
    There is even a team here in the UK, ‘bypassing’ with the knowledge of MSG, the in your face American landing pages, making it much more acceptable to the British customer.
    Distributors aside, “What’s the worst that can happen to the customer?”
    He downloads it – installs it – doesn’t like it – removes it. Five minutes of his life wasted, but at no cost, and no risk. In fact, most of the people who I directly know, have ‘virally’ recommended it.

    Yes. it may peter out eventually, and there is a saturation point for selling licences, BUT . . .
    It’s a new opportunity. Why let others benefit by being in at the start?
    If it fizzles out, customers (users) have lost nothing, and maybe saved money in the meantime.
    Internet use is growing. If the marketing is sustained, it could level of, or even grow, as awareness grows.
    The software is constantly being improved, making the customer experience better and better. There are also many development opportunities for the ‘app’.
    As long as people have benefitted, even a short term income would be fine for many. If the monthly income dives to near the monthly licence fee (approx. £20.00 UK), simply back out and stop!

    If someone contacts me with a view to buying a licence to distribute the app, I advise them that they will need to be confident that they can give away 25 quickly, and target 10 apps per week minimum to make break even over the year, (and I show them ways to do it, which I use, and work). Any less than that, I advise them to try, and use the software, but reconsider becoming a distributor.
    If they do, and use it, at least I get two pounds for my trouble (if they like it, and continue to use it, I get two pounds every month!)

    Quick Case History;
    I registered just three weeks ago. I did a trial using the worst probable method of advertising – leaflet drop. Now most marketers know that normally this sort of house blitzing will result in between 10%-20% uptake, if you’re lucky. So, avoiding pensioners houses (for now), and other selected areas, we simply leafleted just under 400 homes. So, expect maybe 20-80 maximum. I used no other means to ensure the trial worked. I achieved 126 apps downloaded.
    Income expected approx. £180UK. With a bit of tweaking, I rinsed and repeated with 500 more. 184 downloaded.
    Total expected income (if only 80% use the software once , £465.00) based on £1.50 per use.
    Therefore: Licence: £130.00 Paid. Monthly Fee: £20.00 Paid for next 16 months. (Licence is annual though).
    I live in a very rural area, so low population to market to, and will have to move to next area for next campaign. However, with a tiny classified ad in local paper (cost £24.00) I have had a further uptake of about 250 downloads (although difficult to prove that this is where the ‘sales’ came from.
    Situation: Made redundant at age 61, with no chance of employment. Three chidren and heavy mortgage to pay.
    Investment so far: £219.00 including printing. Expected income this month: (approx.) £840.00.
    Even if this is short lived, AM I GRATEFUL? Damn Right!
    MSG is now on my blogs, and I have been invited to write an editorial article for local papers (as long as I don’t tout the distributor part), and I’m now marketing the next area, which is a large market town.

    If the products good, I’m helping people to save money; if it’s not, they haven’t lost a penny – and at the moment it’s bringing in some money. That is without flogging licences too.

    I can live with that for now.



  59. Ron;

    A Pyramid is when the ones at the end pay the ones at the top. In a “Fortune 500” you are PAID to work by your boss. On a pyramid, you PAY your “boss”; if you join, but of the fee ($199) and the monthly fee ($29) are given the distributor that signed you. You are paying them yo work for them.

    The program fails to save you money, the other site save you the money. The Genie saves you time (I have never disputed this), but it doesn’t save you money. Google Product Search works as the Genie is “made to sound”, Google Product Search collects products from multiple shops and presents them all in 1 single page in price order; 1 search, 1 page and multiple shops and prices.

    On regards of jealousy, I am NOT a programmer, so I could have never invented this program. On the other site, I am going to college and my school project, a phone application (yes, I have to learn to program for this project) will be given for FREE, no license fee to distribute, no monthly fee to pay for anything. I believe on the GPL and all I use is GPL software (Linux, Dia, GIMP, OpenOffice….)


    You are making the assumption that the company will pay (£2.50) per Genie, as long as the Genie is being used. This is based on their “verbal” average of $3.00 and that is not the case.

    Shaun (October 3, 2010) has a posting with a link to his YouTube video, on the video he claims over 1,200 given again and earnings of $1,200 ($1 per Genie)[June], the interesting thing is that next month, when he has a total of 1,400 Genies his income was less than $800[July], so even there more Genies were out, income was 1/2. Shaun has been very quiet lately, I do wonder if the income kept on being reduce over the past months.

    Alan, will you be man enough to come back after your first checks and let us know if the EXPECTED income of £840.00 is true? Will you also let us know if it decreases or increases with time?

    I have never disputed that money can be made on the program, but what no Genie distributor has been able to answer me is where is the money coming from. It is a fact the same search engines have said they DON’T pay MyNet Universe. It is also clear by my investigation that the search engines can’t track visit from Genie users. If they are using license and monthly fee to pay PPC income, this is illegal.


  60. Well its very interesting to listen to all the information that people have gathered about myshoppinggenie; some people seem to have gone to some lengths to get their information .
    We can debate till were blue in the face about this but the bottom line is MYNET UNIVERSE is in business for almost four years in the states operating with the same so called pyramid scam and have been highlighted on T.V and continue to grow not only in U.S.A but in AUSTRALIA;
    CANADA and U.K .
    I am also sure these country’s know about pyramid type schemes and would close down any company’s operating outside the law.
    This is either BLACK or WHITE M YNET UNIVERSE is either a pyramid type scam and should be closed down or its a legit business and will grow even faster now with all this publicity .
    This is not up to us to decide and CONSUMER AFFAIRS will decide this in due course and that is certain to happen and some of us will have to eat our words;


  61. Awsome Job Brendan Hughes. Obviously your no dummy!
    Step one of Making Money through your blog. Blog about something popular and give it a good smack down.
    Step Two Wait for the masses to read it, get upset, and start contributing to your blog.
    Step Three Watch the blog traffic Increase as a result of the natural progression of the blogs increase in search relavency due to all the activity and natural SEO content being provided for you in this masterplan.
    And Finally, Cash in on the activity through monetization of the blog through affiliate programs like Google Adsense.

    Brilliant and Ironic that by bashing a company you can then turn around and profit from it.

    Bravo Brendan Hughes Bravo

    And no worries because these people will never figure out that the only reason people are seeing your blog is because they responded to it.

    Bravo! Who’s the next Target 🙂


  62. @Todd Owen;

    Is people like you, who don’t understand the technology, that joins programs like MyShoppinGenie and other “internet making money schemes” ; thus you have to believe what you are told.

    Have you see a single ad on this blog? I haven’t seen any; thus this blog, at the moment, is costing him money.

    Mr. Hughes may have his motives for the blog, for example that he is a consultant on internet marketing and e-commerce and therefore he needs to prove he understands the the topic he is being paid to consult on. But looking at his web, it is clear that he has no ads, so what you said is not true. At the same time, if you follow the blog you will see his articles are frequent, at least once a week, and they they are not at all controversial, except for this one.

    If more people like you understood the technology you are trying to use to make money, the internet would be a better place. I took time to look at your site and I almost collapse of laughter when I saw you are selling four POS for $1,900, the hardware is about 15 years old at this stage. Further more the page graphics are HUGE in size, at broadband speeds it takes seconds to load them when changing pages. I could go on, but I am hopping you are smart enough to see what I am saying.


  63. For the record, I don’t make one cent from this blog. It is hosted on which is a free service that serves up Google ads at the end of posts to first time visitors to the site – but I don’t receive any money from these. This is the business model… give me a free blog and then make some money by serving up ads to visitors.

    Todd, let’s not shoot the messenger.

    Carbayon, thanks for the defense. As you point out, I don’t tend to peddle in controversy, but am always happy to explore and ask questions about new internet business initiatives.

    (Also, I don’t know who Carbayon is and have no association whatsoever with him/her and don’t believe that we have ever met.)


  64. Sorry everyone, but I think you have all missed what Brendan is up to. I am not a Genie distributor so have no axe to grind but I do know a considerable amount about network marketing and pyramid schemes. MSG is not a pyramid scheme and I would bet my house on it that no action will result because it is simply not correct or true. How do I know – because I have done the reasearch, unlike Brendon.

    Brendon is no more than a self publicist, same as the idiot who did the TV story. They are both using one of the oldest tricks in the book to bring attention to themselves by using those words ‘its a scam’ knowing that it will raise concerns and will bring people to them from who they may just get a little bit of business.

    Here is what Bredon says about himself on this blog – ‘Internet and e-commerce strategist currently available in an advisory or consulting capacity to support your Internet commerce initiatives’

    Ho Ho, Strategist my …………….. I would not trust him with a barge pole let alone helping me develop an internet strategy.

    The facts are that people will believe what they want to and spread doom and gloom. These are generaly people who have not achieved a great deal themselves and want to make sure no one else does either. In the process they pray on and profit from those who are suckered into believing thier sensational propoganda.

    If you believe in it do it is my advice and do not be put off by this drivel from Brendon and people like him.


  65. @Urszula;

    Leaving anonymous comments is useless, they hold no value.

    All my comments are signed, I am not afraid yo be found, as all I say is the truth.

    MyShoppingGenie may not be a pyramid scheme and may be a legitimate MLM company, you don’t get caught for scamming/conning and go to jail without learning from it.

    The company started selling the Genie for a $1 while on Texas; then for “some reason”, they moved state [different states have different laws] and change the compensation plan. (This alone is suspicious)

    If they are legitimate MLM (bordering on the pyramid line), then companies like these [there are more on internet] are the ones that give real MLM companies a bad name. That alone should upset a non-anonymous person that ” know a considerable amount about network marketing and pyramid schemes” to comment on the company and leave the “messengers” alone.

    Anonymous people love to shot the messenger because they can be tracked or can be contacted to ask questions for clarification on their comments. Like calling professionals idiots or laughing at their expertises.


  66. Correction from prior message;

    Anonymous people love to shot the messenger because they can’t be tracked or can’t be contacted to ask questions for clarification on their comments; like calling professionals idiots or laughing at their expertises.


  67. @Carbayon

    I am no more hiding than you. Please read all of my comments instead of being selective. When I last checked I was still living in a democratic country and so am entitled to my own opinion.

    In my book to deserve to be called a professional you need to know what you are are talking about having done some in depth reasearch.

    Neither the reporter who did the TV story nor Brendan have done any in depth reasearch whatsoever!


  68. @Urszula;

    You are hiding, your are anonymous. On my case, if you click on my icon, you can open my personal page; from there you can get my name (Ramón D Díaz) and you can get more information about me. So I am not hiding at all. Also a search in google for carbayon would take you to my page directly. You are hiding behind a name, no links no email no way to be contacted.

    You also fail to distinguish between professionals, Brendan is not a reporter. He has written an article on his own blog on reference to a company an compared the compensation plan to those of a pyramid scheme. At no point (please correct me if I am wrong) he said it was one. He also mention Prime Time; thus, if as you believe, his sources are wrong, his post would be wrong.

    Rory Egan, the reported that created the article for Prime Time, did his research. He found the founding members and their convictions, he asked questions, he asked experts and presented his findings. RTE had a choice to stop the air of the report, and the newspaper that published an article also had the choice to stop the printing. If two independent media companies agreed with the report, why is the report wrong? what are your expertise that are better than those of the editors on these media companies?

    Lastly, a legitimate company would come out and fight, I have seem that over-and-over. ‘This company decided to hide. Meetings in the Red Cow in Dublin (I can’t speak for the rest of the country) have been cancelled, the dates posted on their own website for the presentations worldwide have been removed and replaced with email address. So now, if I want to go to a meeting, I have to send an email and wait for a reply. There is no court cases, no PR on printed media or not even a defence on their own website.

    Do the honourable thing and drop your anonymity, let us know who you really are. You know my name and if you do your research, you will know way more about me.


  69. The problem with research is that you find out things you hoped were not true. In this instance after a little research online it turns out that Urszula is actually a certain Douglas Gray from Swindon in the UK. Funnily enough there are some serious questions being asked here about the the Datatec Group (owned by Doug/Urszula) – offering people a job in online marketing if they download and install the My Shopping Genie!

    (As an expert in online marketing Urszula/Doug, you will be aware that everywhere you go on the Internet yuo leave a trail. So if you’re going to be nasty, at least be honest about who you are.)


  70. Ramon i have found your comments very interesting and your information seem to be very well researched in the area that suits your argument ,But i am amazed at some of your last comments mainly Rory Egan’s report and the fact that the company’s gone to hiding and their is no more meetings in red cow .
    Ramon if you had done your research with a fair view to what that reporter produced you would plainly see it was biased and he only picked out the parts that that made the company and the business look bad .Surely if it was fair he would have found something good,
    For your information the company are not hiding and have been working very hard with their legal team here and in U.S.A and are due to meet with Consumer Affairs this week .
    Also regarding meetings been cancelled what did you expect .people can not build anything at moment until they get clearance after been branded a scam .
    My opinion is we should regardless of this weeks outcome continue to build our Genie business because legally nobody has told us to stop .
    Our company have not been found guilty of anything only trial by media and a reporter with an agenda.
    Its quiet amazing how this company can operate for four years in U.S.A ,appear on CNN regularly and still get away with been a scam.can someone explain that.


  71. Very funny ha ha. Last time I looked I was definitely a female so don’t be so rude!

    I was not being nasty, I just object to people who use their blog as a poor attempt to generate business for them selves by trying to discredit something that clearly merrits serious consideration. If you read the vast majority of responses on your blog, then you would realise that people are not as stupid as you are trying to make them look and it is quite frankly poor for you to have to stoop so low.

    If your latest research revelations are anything to go by then you really do not know what you are doing!


  72. Brendan most people looking at this dont give a hoot whether its Urszula or Douglas or Datatec where are you going with this its getting personal away from subject.


  73. Ray A;

    Amway operated for years before it was found to be in breach of laws and was asked to pay fine and change their compensation plan. Other companies also operate under the radar for years before they are found.

    On regards of the CNN, I believe you are exaggerating a bit, there was 1 report and was to even a real report, it was a woman saying that the Genie saves money a report that lasted less than 1 minute. There was no investigation or mention of the compensation plan.

    The view on this and all posts are very simple; if you are involved on the business, you will defend it, as it is an investment and/or source of income for you. If you are not in the business, and you put impartial views, you are accused of anything and everything under the sun.

    Let me explain my position here, from a practical point of view, the company can’t sustain the compensation plan without new recruits, that is simple to prove. Is up to other people to decide if a company that can’t survive without recruiting is a legitimate or illegal business.

    Why can’t the company survive without recruitment?, well, let’s look at this;

    No income from Pay-per-click (Proven and verified)
    No income from recruitment
    Only income is $30 from monthly fee

    On the other hand;
    Payment for Pay-per-click to distributors
    Other expenses; rent, site maintenance/hosting, phone….

    If distributors are getting paid more in Pay-per-click that they are paying back, the company son will have no money to pay.

    As per the meetings (and I attended them) I was told “give 100 genies and earn $300”, minus the $30 paid, I make $270; where is the money coming from?


  74. Urszula;

    The link was dying, 5 days with no comments, and then you revived it; do you see the irony?

    You revived a link that was dying to complain about the author, and this brought more comments to the post, bringing more attention to the blog and the author.

    If you were to be related to Datatec Group, all I have to say is I take my hat off to you, using a scam to scam MyNet University. Imagination really has no limits; sending prospective employers a letter so they can download the software and used it, so you can collect the rewards. Great idea!!!


    AMWAY are over fifty years old and did not have to change their plan they were stopped because distributors were found to be selling DVDs ,books and other motivational material and making more from doing that than selling product but they were never branded a scam like MYNET UNIVERSE .
    Its quiet obvious from your statement about the company not surviving without recruits that you absolutely no nothing about M.L.M as all M.L.M Companys build their business by recruiting thats where NETWORK MARKETING got its name.
    So what you are clearly saying is if a company cant survive without recruiting its not legit .
    Wow you are going to close some amount of M.L.M Company,s
    In regard to you hearing at meetings that you give out 100 GENIES and you make $ 300
    is not quite right .All meetings that i have attended have said that this was an AVERAGE payment of $3 per GENIE not a guaranteed payment.
    You need to do more research [unbiased research] and educate yourself about M.L.M try
    contacting DR CHARLES KING at the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS-CHICAGO he might be able to help you and you do need help on this subject because you genuinely dont understand it .


  76. Ray A;

    Let’s keep this focus; first an foremost, MLM have a nice “legal” standing on that each distributor is independent, thus actions again distributors will not affect the company.

    This is my research on Amway;

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a decision, In re Amway Corp., in 1979 in which it indicated that multi-level marketing was not illegal per se in the United States. However, Amway was found guilty of price fixing (by requiring “independent” distributors to sell at the low price) and making exaggerated income claims.

    Also, please read the following (very interestnig finding);
    In the 1979 ruling In re. Amway Corp., the Federal Trade Commission determined that Quixtar predecessor Amway was not an illegal pyramid scheme because no payments were made for recruitment.

    In most MLM companies there is no payment for recruitment, the multi-level payment is done on the products. In other words, I sell products and earn 10%, I recruit people and then they sell products, I get 5% of their sales. I could take this further (depending on the company) and a third tier down (the distributors of my distributor) I get 2%.

    When a company pays recruitment, that should send flags about its legality; I am not a legal expert, so I can’t say it is or it is not legal; but I can certainly say that recruitment payments are in the line of the legal and the illegal.

    Paying commission on sales is different and it is what makes MLM companies legal and productive. If I have a product, I can either expend money on advertising, distribution and salesperson and add that to the product price, or I can pay sales commission to distributors making the product cheaper by selling them directly through catalogues and distributors.

    Do NOT say that ALL MLM companies pay for recruiting people, as that is not really true.

    I have done my research, and I know about other MLM companies, not only MyNet.


  77. Ray A;

    Couple more things…

    On the case of MyNet Universe, the product is the license to give free Genies away, the actual Genie is not the product.

    With that on mind, keep these two points on mind;

    MLM pay plans reward the recruiting of an endless chain of participating “distributors” (agents, representatives, etc.) as their main customers.
    The only way a person can climb up the levels in an MLM compensation plan is to recruit a lot of people under them.

    On the case of MyNet Universe this is truth on both scenarios.

    Since you were on the meetings you will know that some distributors “overgrew” their “sponsor” and made it to higher levels faster by recruiting more distributors than their sponsor. They didn’t make it by giving more Genies, they did it by recruiting more people, by selling the real product.


  78. “its getting personal away from subject.”

    Ray A, agreed. I said I’d block anyone from posting here who got personal, but since the insults were directed at me I decided I’d take them on the chin. I’m not happy with the tone of some of the conversation and frankly am finding it tiresome. This is not the type of debate I enjoy having. Clearly I have upset people with the tenure of the questions I have asked and it has been instructive for me to see how passionate advocates of MSG are in its defense.

    To be honest, I’m not sure that we’re progressing much with the discussion here. It is clear that there are many people who are making money from MSG and believe that it is a legitimate multi-level marketing programme. There are others who are deeply unhappy with it and have plenty of questions that no one has yet answered. And this is clearly not the only forum where people have been asking questions over the past months/years.

    MSG is looking to establish credibility both through the courts and through the National Consumer Agency. So long as no one has an issue, I propose closing off comments on this post (from midnight tonight) and revisiting the topic once MSG has achieved the credentials it is currently seeking.

    I’ll make a deal with you all that when that is achieved I’ll write a blog post here answering the big question being asked. In the interim I’m also happy to receive any correspondence from MSG and to relay that to you here, if they genuinely set out to address the real concerns that people have.


  79. On last comment to finish the post;

    Why isn’t this company(MyNet Universe) registered with the Direct Sales Association on Ireland, UK, USA or Australia?

    If you have nothing to hide, why not subscribe to with an organisation that will help your business?


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