Your Country Your Call – Winners

The winners of the Your Country Your Call campaign were announced this evening at an event in the Aviva Stadium. Shortlisted from five finalists the two winning proposals are:

Ireland to become a Global Media Hub – Neil Leydon

The proposal sets out initially to create an Irish Content Industry Association which would then drive the development of a cultural and creative quarter, a Media Park to attract global content industries, and creating the necessary legislative and regulatory environment to make Ireland a leading global centre for the creation and distribution of digital content.

The Proposer, Neil Leyden, is a screen writer and a digital media consultant. Neil formed the Digital Media Forum in 2004, now a network of over 600 digital media companies, with the intention of seeing different sectors of the creative and technology industries collaborate for the economic betterment of Ireland.

The Data Island Strategy – Cianan Clancy & Colm MacFhlannachadha

Through the development of a Green Mega Data Centre Freezone and an International Innovation Area – The Data Island Strategy sets out to build a world beating entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem around Digital Services and to position Ireland at the forefront of its associated spin-off industries.

The Proposers Cianan Clancy & Colm MacFhlannachadha are both from Skerries, County Dublin. Cianan works for a Fortune 500 Consulting Firm and concentrates on helping businesses optimise their business processes and IT systems; Colm has over 25 years experience in sectors as diverse as energy, electronics, medical devices and food manufacturing.

While there have been questions asked about the mechanics of the campaign, if the campaign can bring these two particular ideas to pass then the potential is to transform Ireland into a global hub for digital content and data. That’s a big idea and one worth pursuing. This campaign will only have been worthwhile if we look back in five years time and see the seeds of change in what has happened over the past few months. Given that I do believe the intention behind the campaign is genuine, even if some organisations have sought to make capital on their involvement, I wish the organisers and the winners well and do hope that they can bring these ideas to fruition.