Top e-Commerce Sites in Ireland (2010)

Here is a list of the top e-commerce websites receiving traffic from users in Ireland during the month of August 2010. The figures are compiled using Google’s Adplanner. I’m defining ‘e-commerce’ as a transactional site where the primary function of selling goods and services.

Update: Check out the 2018 analysis of top e-commerce websites in Ireland.

Online gaming and gambling is now big business in Ireland
Online gaming and gambling is now big business in Ireland
    One of Europe’s largest airlines, Ryanair received around 350,000 unique visits from people based in Ireland during the month of August.  Ryanair continues to leverage notoriety to maintain its dominant position as the low-cost European airline; recently announcing that it is looking at ditching co-pilots from its flights.
    Given the nature of Irish summers, there’s no surprise that Aer Lingus comes in a close second to Ryanair with 330,000 unique visitors. Aer Lingus continues to report losses and decreasing passenger volumes as it struggles to differentiate itself from the competition. The need to check-in online has helped the airlines increase repeat visits to their websites.
    This is eBay’s Irish website which received 320,000 visitors in August. Adplanner reports a steady decline in traffic to the .ie version of the site since the start of 2010. Buying and selling second-hand goods is an increasingly competitive space with advertising platforms such as and  having an impact on this sector.
    Online gaming and betting is now a major business in the Irish market. is one of the big global players so there is no surprise that is also the number one gambling website in Ireland. The site received 320,000 unique visits during the month of August. Note that users browsing from multiple locations (home and work) will be counted twice.
    The website of Ireland’s second largest mobile phone operator, visited by customers purchasing top-up, phones, mobile broadband and sending free texts. Both Vodafone and O2 benefitted with the launch in Ireland of the iPad in July, with each operator providing data packages for the 3G version of the iPad.
    Vodafone is Ireland’s largest mobile phone operator, but came in just behind O2 for Internet traffic in August. The mobile market in Ireland remains buoyant, in particular the market for mobile broadband.
    The UK version of the eBay platform is very popular amongst Irish consumers since it opens up significantly greater choice in new and second-hand goods.
    July saw the launch of the iPad in Ireland and August saw the launch of the iPhone 4.0. We love Apple here and so there’s no surprise that makes it into the top ten. With Apple TV expected to launch here in late September, you can anticipate that Apple will hold its position for some time yet.
    This is a global hotel booking engine and because of its prominence on Tripadvisor it is one of the more trafficked websites here.
    I’m actually a little surprised that Amazon isn’t ranking higher. The world’s largest e-tailer doesn’t just sell books, but of particular interest to Irish consumers is that it ships electronics here from the UK.
    The global version of the eBay platform. The and .com versions of the site have grown their Irish traffic as the .ie has declined, indicating our increased comfort with shopping from merchants in other markets.
    The leader in online ticket booking globally and also in Ireland. Curiously people who visited the in August were highly likely to search for the terms ‘cao points 2010’ and ‘electric picnic 2010’ on Google – we can only assume that the two are linked.
    Ireland’s third mobile phone operator is owned by eircom and appeals to the youth market. This will be an interesting one to watch in coming months as eircom looks set to launch a new mobile operation in October – possibly to be named e-mobile.
    Purchase train tickets online and check train times on this website. Irish Rail hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in August when a report was released which outlined that it knew the Malahide viaduct was unsafe even before it collapsed last year.
    The other mobile operator in the Irish market.
    The UK shopping catalogue is making an impact in Ireland. There is an extensive range of products available, from fashion to home furnishings and toys. The site is glossy with free delivery guaranteed within four days it is setting out to steal custom from existing high-street online retailers in Ireland.
    The other global hotel booking website that has a deal with Tripadvisor that sees it getting a significant amount of default traffic.
    Check your numbers online but also buy your Euromillions ticket and play games for money.
    Ireland’s PaddyPower is a significant player in the online betting space. Positioning themselves as ‘an entertainment business’, the online arm is now the central plank in its growth strategy. Profits in the first half of 2010 were up 58% accounted for mostly by online activities including a successful World Cup. Earnings from their traditional retail arm declined even though they opened twelve new shops last year.
    Another gambling site completes the top 20. After gambling on the property boom for the past ten years, it seems that the Irish are shifting focus to to online gaming.
    Zynga is one of the world’s largest online gaming providers and is responsible for the number one Facebook social game; Farmville. Zynga have remarkably made it sane for people to pay real cash for virtual goods  – that must-have prize pig for your farm. They have also mastered social game-play and are capable of creating global hits with relatively miniscule marketing budgets.
    With more people ‘staycationing’ this year it is no surprise that has been popular. The site offers booking facilities for hotel, B&B and self-catering accommodation in Ireland.
    Asos is one of the UK’s leading online fashion retailers with a wide range of top designer brands available. It ships to Ireland for up to €6.
    Buy4Now is Ireland’s online shopping mall and provides the e-commerce infrastructure for some of Ireland’s largest e-tailers including Superquinn, Arnotts and Elverys.
    eBookers offers hotel and flight booking services and rounds off our top 25 e-commerce sites in Ireland. This is a pan-European operation that has been in Ireland since 1998. They offer significant savings when you make combined  flight and hotel bookings with them, offering a fairly unique differentiator in this space.

For more stats on Irish websites check out  Alexa and Compete.

5 thoughts on “Top e-Commerce Sites in Ireland (2010)

  1. Great research Brendan. The only part I’d question is the online gambling.

    Both sites mentioned mentioned above use what I would class as spamming techniques in the form of pop up windows etc. PartyPoker is notorious for the pop ups that generally appear in the background when visiting sites like PirateBay etc.

    So I think it’s dangerous to insinuate that there has been a massive growth in online gambling in Ireland. I do believe it has grown but not to the extent that the statistics above suggest.


  2. Ciaran; I’m hoping they’ll read this and give me a free Apple TV when its released… what do you think the chances are?!

    Tom; good point on why sites like PartyPoker will be generating more traffic. I find it interesting that there are five gambling/gaming sites in the top 25. We’ve always enjoyed betting on horses and dogs, so there’s no real surprise that we will be converted to online betting.


  3. Interesting piece of research Brendan!

    I can see an argument about mobile phone company sites where, I would guess, the majority of visits are for free texts or other activities rather than purchasing products or services.
    Its also interesting to make a quick comparison with the Irish visitor numbers to these sites earlier this year at


  4. Brendan, true enough on the mobile sites… I had thought about leaving them out. There are a few other commercial sites that I actually left off the list that actually rank very high – advertising platforms such as, and would all be in the top twenty if I had included them. I’m starting to think that “Internet Commerce” is a better description than “e-Commerce”.


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