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I have moved on from the social network to spend time on a personal project that has been on the long finger for some time.

The past decade, of helping businesses devise and implement e-commerce strategies that enable them to compete online, has been a constant learning about:

  • how customers use the Internet to solve their problems;
  • how to create products and compelling online sales processes that maximise conversions;
  • how to  engage with customers in meaningful ways using the ever-expanding and changing range of social application;
  • how to implement e-commerce systems cost-effectively;
  • how to structure organisations and their processes to ensure that they operate efficiently in an Internet economy and
  • how to measure and improve the return on investment that those organisations have made in e-commerce.

There exists a collective wisdom about how to succeed at doing business online and yet I struggle to find a single place where the insights that have been learned by all of us working in e-commerce have been collated. With that in mind, I am kick-starting a project to distill all of the insights I have gained over the years into a coherent framework that will hopefully be useful for others.

It looks like the project will initially take the shape of a manual that would offer a framework for managers to transform their business or ideas into a successful online operation. Given the ever changing nature of this arena however, any static manual would be quickly dated so I will also be working on a platform that would enable the framework to continually evolve. The working title for the project is “Sell More Online” – alluding to the fact that while most businesses have a website that generates some sales, very many are struggling to understand how to really make their investment in the web deliver significant returns.

Over the coming weeks (and months) I’ll be elaborating concepts from framework here on this blog. Hopefully this will help me gain some early validation, so please share your thoughts on these with me.

Also, I have identified a number of business owners and managers that are eager to participate by working through the framework in their business. If you are in the process of investing in your e-commerce strategy and would like to participate in this project please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for the good wishes. I’m really excited about getting stuck in. Hopefully in time it will become a useful resources for the likes of yourselves.


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