If we talked like that in real life…

Funny, but it misses the point that Twitter shout-outs can be very useful. I’ve had a bad weekend trying to install Windows 7 on my laptop. A tweet about it has resulted in a Microsoft employee, the project manager of the Irish development team that actually worked on Windows 7, offering to take a look at my laptop for me. Nice one Twitter.

2 thoughts on “If we talked like that in real life…

  1. I saw that tweet about windows 7. What I find strange about twitter is how unpredictable it is. Some of my tweets which you would think would get the most attention (I am looking to hire someone) go nowhere and the most trivial ones get re tweeted everywhere


  2. Caelen, I notice this all the time too. I think there are a number of factors. Time of day can be a big part of it. So many people tweet nine to five only, that important stuff can get lost in the deluge. Sometimes I wonder at the valuable nuggets that I do manage to pick up as they are often just one tweet in the middle of hundreds of others flowing through within a short timeframe.


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