For those who are interested, here are my live tweets from the forum yesterday afternoon:

  1. Heading over to  in Farmleigh. There was no point in going earlier as we weren’t allowed into the sessions.12:27 PM
  2. – Press room at . RTE piped in to bring evetyone the news!1:29 PM Sep 19th from TwitPic
  3. Journalists and bloggers here at  are only getting the crumbs off the table – literally and metaphorically. All hungry for meat.1:30 PM
  4. The session after lunch Harnessing the Diaspora is to be live streamed on RTE. 2.30pm. Although it didn’t work yesterday. 1:41 PM
  5. Live video: #qik2:04 PM Sep 19th from Qik
  6. David McWilliams asks what IS the Irish resource that we need to tap into. Our diaspora. 2:33 PM
  7. Straight talking with sacred cows addressed is how McWilliams describes the last 24 hours. 2:35 PM
  8. Ireland is not famous for its business acumen, so says Denis O’Brien 2:39 PM
  9. A 20 year plan sounds like a long finger approach Denis. Any shorterm tactical things we can address? 2:41 PM
  10. We’ve lost influence in Washington, especially with the death of Teddy kennedy. We need to do what the Israelis do in the US. 2:42 PM
  11. I hear lot of talk about modelling ourselves on Israel when it comes to generating FDI from the US. 2:43 PM
  12. Had a great chat with Tom Corcoran of the Carlyle Group. Blog post later on the issues of cost, confidence and ethics in Ireland. 2:44 PM
  13. Much of work that is being done linking Ireland’s brightest graduates with businesses in Silicon Valley is done without govt support. 2:47 PM
  14. Irish overseas citizenship? Micheal Martin dodges the question. C’mon. This is about straight talking, supposedly. 2:48 PM
  15. Diaspora were leveraged to achieve peace in Ireland. An example of success of tapping into them says Martin. 2:49 PM
  16. We need to professionalise more in pulling the diaspora together, to create a global Irish network – Martin 2:50 PM
  17. RT EvertB: Looks like @krishnade is rocking the house again at #bizcamp! (sounds like better discussion happening there than at #gief )2:51 PM
  18. Martin Naughton of Glen Dimplex & Notre Dame asks how it has taken so long for the Irish to come home.2:58 PM
  19. The first generation of Irish Americans that are not struggling to survive DO want to come home and support Ireland. 2:59 PM
  20. We are the recharging battery for the Irishness of those abroad who yearn to be recharged. 3:01 PM
  21. Tom Arnold of Concern says that there is a collateral of goodwill; from missionaries and NGOs more recently. Let’s tap that. 3:02 PM
  22. Dermot Desmond of IIU says there is a unity of purpose to try and achieve something for ireland. 3:04 PM
  23. Desmond says our strengths is our culture. No one else can ever replicate that. How can we monitise our culture he asks 3:05 PM
  24. Desmond says we should build the greatest cultural university in the world for the arts and underline with technology. 3:06 PM
  25. There is a product called “culture”. How do we flog that asks McWilliams.  We’ve been flogging it for years to be fair; Riverdance, U23:08 PM
  26. Our culture does attract FDI. People do want to be part of it; Irish or not. CEO’s like to visit Ireland. Is it enough?? 3:10 PM
  27. Fighting Irish, Notre Dame is the most popular college football club brand. Brand is important. But we need a businessplan. 3:13 PM
  28. McWilliams is looking for 5 businessplans. He’ll have plenty from this crowd; will need to prioritise. 3:14 PM
  29. The Internet is the glue. 3:15 PM
  30. John McColgan says the Internet could be key in connecting with the diaspora – a portal that represents Ireland in all its facets 3:16 PM
  31. Talk to the diaspora and get them to talk back. Facebook , Twitter can be used. Create the best website in the world. JMC 3:17 PM
  32. Create and maintain a website that is absolutely cutting edge at bringing our diaspora together. (I’ll do that)  :-)3:18 PM
  33. An umberella website where team ireland speaks with one voice. Something useful, with tangible benefits for Irish abroad. 3:19 PM
  34. A small creative team, funded by government but not run by government. It needs a business plan too. 3:20 PM
  35. Are there not too many irish websites already out there? Yep, but truely none that create a virtual Irish global network. Interesting 3:21 PM
  36. Martin has had bad experiences with portals. Ah yes I remember that health portal he launched in 2003 that disappeared quickly 3:22 PM
  37. Martin says we have Facebook,Google and Yahoo in Ireland. Yep, but they’re not in the room. #fail 3:23 PM
  38. round of applause for the call for a YES vote for Lisbon 3:24 PM
  39. Being an Irish American DOES matter when it comes to investing in Ireland. 3:25 PM
  40. Global Ireland – what is that really? Let’s develop the identity of being Global Irish. 3:26 PM
  41. Back to the website. It needs to be ALIVE. Dermot Desmond is going to start blogging. OMG 3:30 PM
  42. Malasyia has thousands of Irish graduates. Malasyians who love Ireland. An extension of our diaspora. 3:31 PM
  43. Third generation Americans and beyond “choose” to call themselves Irish. We need to support this culture selection. 3:34 PM
  44. More and more calls for giving birthrights and global Irish citizenship to diaspora. Cement identity and invite to experience Ireland 3:36 PM
  45. Michael Martin dodges this question again. Get the politician out of the room 🙂 3:37 PM
  46. There’s a call for one owner (within government) of this project; whatever it is that comes out of this weekend. 3:43 PM
  47. Martin fudging another question about whether the group will be invited back again 3:46 PM
  48. Martin is inviting people who are watching online to contribute to this discussion. They will sift through that discussion. 3:47 PM
  49. McWilliams says that this is very open discussion. Pity that the majority of the weekend was actually closed. 3:48 PM
  50. Where would Ireland be without sobering voices such as the likes of @davidmcw? 3:50 PM
  51. Martin says Taoiseach will lead the follow up on the outcome of  and will feed into Innovation Taskforce. Action will happen!!!!3:53 PM
  52. Gateway Ireland portal seems to have taken hold as an idea. Good man John McColgan. 3:54 PM
  53. Live video: #qik4:09 PM Sep 19th from Qik
  54. Leaving the Global Irish Economic Forum now. Views later on the blog. 4:50 PM