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For those who are interested, here are my live tweets from the forum yesterday afternoon:

  1. Heading over to  in Farmleigh. There was no point in going earlier as we weren’t allowed into the sessions.12:27 PM
  2. – Press room at . RTE piped in to bring evetyone the news!1:29 PM Sep 19th from TwitPic
  3. Journalists and bloggers here at  are only getting the crumbs off the table – literally and metaphorically. All hungry for meat.1:30 PM
  4. The session after lunch Harnessing the Diaspora is to be live streamed on RTE. 2.30pm. Although it didn’t work yesterday. 1:41 PM
  5. Live video: #qik2:04 PM Sep 19th from Qik
  6. David McWilliams asks what IS the Irish resource that we need to tap into. Our diaspora. 2:33 PM
  7. Straight talking with sacred cows addressed is how McWilliams describes the last 24 hours. 2:35 PM
  8. Ireland is not famous for its business acumen, so says Denis O’Brien 2:39 PM
  9. A 20 year plan sounds like a long finger approach Denis. Any shorterm tactical things we can address? 2:41 PM
  10. We’ve lost influence in Washington, especially with the death of Teddy kennedy. We need to do what the Israelis do in the US. 2:42 PM
  11. I hear lot of talk about modelling ourselves on Israel when it comes to generating FDI from the US. 2:43 PM
  12. Had a great chat with Tom Corcoran of the Carlyle Group. Blog post later on the issues of cost, confidence and ethics in Ireland. 2:44 PM
  13. Much of work that is being done linking Ireland’s brightest graduates with businesses in Silicon Valley is done without govt support. 2:47 PM
  14. Irish overseas citizenship? Micheal Martin dodges the question. C’mon. This is about straight talking, supposedly. 2:48 PM
  15. Diaspora were leveraged to achieve peace in Ireland. An example of success of tapping into them says Martin. 2:49 PM
  16. We need to professionalise more in pulling the diaspora together, to create a global Irish network – Martin 2:50 PM
  17. RT EvertB: Looks like @krishnade is rocking the house again at #bizcamp! (sounds like better discussion happening there than at #gief )2:51 PM
  18. Martin Naughton of Glen Dimplex & Notre Dame asks how it has taken so long for the Irish to come home.2:58 PM
  19. The first generation of Irish Americans that are not struggling to survive DO want to come home and support Ireland. 2:59 PM
  20. We are the recharging battery for the Irishness of those abroad who yearn to be recharged. 3:01 PM
  21. Tom Arnold of Concern says that there is a collateral of goodwill; from missionaries and NGOs more recently. Let’s tap that. 3:02 PM
  22. Dermot Desmond of IIU says there is a unity of purpose to try and achieve something for ireland. 3:04 PM
  23. Desmond says our strengths is our culture. No one else can ever replicate that. How can we monitise our culture he asks 3:05 PM
  24. Desmond says we should build the greatest cultural university in the world for the arts and underline with technology. 3:06 PM
  25. There is a product called “culture”. How do we flog that asks McWilliams.  We’ve been flogging it for years to be fair; Riverdance, U23:08 PM
  26. Our culture does attract FDI. People do want to be part of it; Irish or not. CEO’s like to visit Ireland. Is it enough?? 3:10 PM
  27. Fighting Irish, Notre Dame is the most popular college football club brand. Brand is important. But we need a businessplan. 3:13 PM
  28. McWilliams is looking for 5 businessplans. He’ll have plenty from this crowd; will need to prioritise. 3:14 PM
  29. The Internet is the glue. 3:15 PM
  30. John McColgan says the Internet could be key in connecting with the diaspora – a portal that represents Ireland in all its facets 3:16 PM
  31. Talk to the diaspora and get them to talk back. Facebook , Twitter can be used. Create the best website in the world. JMC 3:17 PM
  32. Create and maintain a website that is absolutely cutting edge at bringing our diaspora together. (I’ll do that)  :-)3:18 PM
  33. An umberella website where team ireland speaks with one voice. Something useful, with tangible benefits for Irish abroad. 3:19 PM
  34. A small creative team, funded by government but not run by government. It needs a business plan too. 3:20 PM
  35. Are there not too many irish websites already out there? Yep, but truely none that create a virtual Irish global network. Interesting 3:21 PM
  36. Martin has had bad experiences with portals. Ah yes I remember that health portal he launched in 2003 that disappeared quickly 3:22 PM
  37. Martin says we have Facebook,Google and Yahoo in Ireland. Yep, but they’re not in the room. #fail 3:23 PM
  38. round of applause for the call for a YES vote for Lisbon 3:24 PM
  39. Being an Irish American DOES matter when it comes to investing in Ireland. 3:25 PM
  40. Global Ireland – what is that really? Let’s develop the identity of being Global Irish. 3:26 PM
  41. Back to the website. It needs to be ALIVE. Dermot Desmond is going to start blogging. OMG 3:30 PM
  42. Malasyia has thousands of Irish graduates. Malasyians who love Ireland. An extension of our diaspora. 3:31 PM
  43. Third generation Americans and beyond “choose” to call themselves Irish. We need to support this culture selection. 3:34 PM
  44. More and more calls for giving birthrights and global Irish citizenship to diaspora. Cement identity and invite to experience Ireland 3:36 PM
  45. Michael Martin dodges this question again. Get the politician out of the room 🙂 3:37 PM
  46. There’s a call for one owner (within government) of this project; whatever it is that comes out of this weekend. 3:43 PM
  47. Martin fudging another question about whether the group will be invited back again 3:46 PM
  48. Martin is inviting people who are watching online to contribute to this discussion. They will sift through that discussion. 3:47 PM
  49. McWilliams says that this is very open discussion. Pity that the majority of the weekend was actually closed. 3:48 PM
  50. Where would Ireland be without sobering voices such as the likes of @davidmcw? 3:50 PM
  51. Martin says Taoiseach will lead the follow up on the outcome of  and will feed into Innovation Taskforce. Action will happen!!!!3:53 PM
  52. Gateway Ireland portal seems to have taken hold as an idea. Good man John McColgan. 3:54 PM
  53. Live video: #qik4:09 PM Sep 19th from Qik
  54. Leaving the Global Irish Economic Forum now. Views later on the blog. 4:50 PM

5 thoughts on “Tweets from Global Irish Economic Forum

  1. Paul, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and for the compliment 🙂

    Mick, I read that article you linked to. Very interesting to see that our diaspora are crying out for recognition or some form of citizenship. I guess the issue of citizenship caused some social issues for the government over the past number of years, but with that lesson learned I’m sure we could come up with some clever system that gives a sense of belonging without conferring too many automatic rights. How far back should we go though? Much of the diaspora traces its roots back many generations to the famine in the mid 19th century.


  2. Hi Brendan, it’s a good question but no quick answer other than a fresh debate with a more open mind would be quite timely now.

    As a first shot i’d say extend citizenship back to a great-grandparent link, and look at some form of honorary citizenship with certain rights (and responsibilities) for Irish descent whose heritage is further back.

    Maybe also publicise Jus Sanguinis more as well – although not enough it does allow those with Irish grandparents to pass on Irish nationality rights to their children, providing they register with the foreign births register before those children are born (

    There’s bound to be a mix of restraints and benefits, but a review that looks at the opportunities as well as the difficulties might put things in a new light.


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