What the f**k is social media?

Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. Nobody knows how. When it’s finally done there is surprise it’s not better. This is how Marta Kagan begins this impressive presentation on social media. If you’re in marketing, PR or run your own business and want to understand why to bother with social media then this is worth at least five minutes of your time:

The line that struck me most here was “stop thinking ‘campaigns’ and start thinking ‘conversations'” – how true. We’re talking about a new type of business to consumer communication afterall.

Thanks to Joe Hussey for bouncing this on to me.

3 thoughts on “What the f**k is social media?

  1. That was an impressive presentation alright. The amount of businesses that don’t get the fact that you have to engage is astounding. The sooner they realise that people don’t want to hear all the marketing jargon the better. Engage, be social and be yourself!


  2. Donagh, the vast majority are not engaging. We’re all conscious of so many that are, but many others just don’t see it as important or are afraid that the floodgates will open.


  3. Social Media, Social Networking will be/is the way forward. We only have to look at the growing numbers of users. Plus it is a great place to feedback on products very quickly.

    If we don’t embrace it we will lose out.


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