Top Irish Websites – Summer 2009

It is always interesting to see how Internet usage in Ireland changes over time. The latest update from suggests that while search is still the number one utility used by Irish net surfers, social interaction is the next most popular activity.

When was the last time you checked out
When was the last time you checked out

Of the top 20 most popular websites in Ireland, eleven are principally focused on user-generated content and conversations – I’m including eBay and Daft in this category. Facebook has now passed out Bebo as the most popular Irish social network and I’m noticing Twitter in the top 20 for the first time at number 15.

A really interesting change is that there is now only one corporate website, AIB bank, in the top 20. In the past you would typically see the Irish airlines, Aer Lingus  and Ryanair in particular here in the top 20. They are now ranked 31 and 40 respectively.

Another change of note is the relegation of from its position as one of Ireland’s most popular websites for the first ten years of the Internet. For much of that time it served many as the gateway to the world wide web but now finds itself in 30th place – just one spot behind a porn website.

Finally, Bing, the brand new search engine from Microsoft, comes in at number 26 and presumably is the one to watch over the coming months.

  1. – search

  2. -search

  3. – video sharing

  4. – search

  5. – social network

  6. – social network

  7. – search

  8. – collaborative encyclopedia

  9. – email and chat

  10. – search

  11. – blogging platform

  12. – news

  13. – news

  14. – Ireland’s largest bank

  15. – social network / micro-blooging

  16. – property advertising website

  17. – online flea market

  18. – discussion forum

  19. – photo sharing

  20. – news

  21. – blogging platform

  22. – corporate website

  23. – gambling

  24. – news

  25. – social network

  26. – search

  27. – social network

  28. – social network

  29. – porn

  30. – search / directory / email

  31. – airline

  32. – mobile operator

  33. – movie database

  34. – flea market

  35. – search

  36. – 2nd largest bank

  37. – porn

  38. – book retailer

  39. – flea market

  40. – airline

9 thoughts on “Top Irish Websites – Summer 2009

  1. Thanks for the comment Michele. You’re in a better position to judge this than I am, but I think there is a fairly credible story being told there by Alexa in what I’ve highlighted. I’ll pick up the discussion in the comments on the later post so as not to confuse things.


  2. Hi Brendan, I’ve used Alexa and ‘top100irishsites’ for example to find guideline rankings of overall top Irish sites.
    Where do I look to find a list of, say, the top 100 TRAVEL sites viewed by Irish people?


  3. Hiya Brian. We had a discussion about Alexa on a later blog post and figured out that Google Ad Planner is an alternative source of information on top websites. You can do a bit more digging around there too. I reckon there’s a 20% or so margin of error on Googles stats though.

    Most popular .ie “travel” websites according to Google are: (huh?) (???)


  4. Yea i’m trying to find the top ranked irish owned sites, Alexa show the top viewed sites in Ireland but these aren’t all Irish owned such as google, youtube etc…


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