A week is a long time…

I’ve was over in Spain for the past week with the family and arrived back yesterday to catch up on the results from last week’s local and European elections.

The results were not surprising to anyone (except maybe the government parties and Libertas it seems).

The political bloggers had great fun last weekend doing live blogs of the results as they came in. Maman Poulet gives a nice review of the weekend and her highlights.

This was the first election where we saw the candidates themselves very active online. Many had their own websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter profiles. This was great, as it is a significant step forward in making politics more accessible to citizens who wouldn’t otherwise engage.

I admire anyone who puts themselves forward for election. Politics is not for the feint-hearted however I am disappointed to see the tumble-weed drifting through the campaign websites of some of the more progressive candidates who weren’t so lucky this time.

Garrett Tubridy (FF, Pembroke-Rathmines) had perhaps the shiniest website that was very Obama-esque and self-assured. Unfortunately his blog wasn’t updated in the month before the election and there was no update this week to let his supporters know how things went. A curious thing about his blog is that there are no date stamps on the posts and it is not possible to leave comments – very unbloglike.

The Libertas blog has had no update since the votes were counted which is surprising as this is the place where supporters would expect to see a message from these previously prolific online communicators. Perhaps without a leader the ship has lost direction.

I imagine that this must a tough week for all the candidates who put themselves forward and were unsuccessful but there are some nice examples in Brian Greene (Socialist Party, Dublin) on his Facebook page and James Lawless (FF, Kildare) on his blog, acknowledging the support they received and thanking all those who helped them. I suspect that these guys will be back.

A week is a long time in politics, however online it is far too long to stay silent.

2 thoughts on “A week is a long time…

  1. Hi Brendan, Thanks for the link – just to clarify that Damien Blake didn’t lose his seat. He decided not to seek reselection to run again. (Unfortunately in my opinion!)


  2. Hi Suzy, Oops, I didn’t realise that. Deleting that reference entirely from the post. Still a pity his blog is no longer available.


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