And now, here is the news

Just to prove that there is something for everyone on YouTube:

Current Affairs:

Putting swine flu in context:

Accountability in Irish business and policital life:


Leinster’s Finest Hour – Beating Munster:

Roy Keane moves to Ipswitch – the Pat Kenny interview:


Susan Boyle creates a wonderful TV moment on Britain’s Got Talent:

Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy release the single for Ireland’s 2009 entry for the Eurovision Song Contest:

Media and Communications

Kiera Knightly’s advertisement highlighting the issue of violence against women which was banned from British TV:

Two years on, the parents of Madeline McCann meet Oprah:

Local News:

Some Ballinrobe Bull:

And finally some “news” from the streets of Athlone:

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