Podcasts – the immediate business opportunity

There are plenty of ways that businesses can engage with podcasting and many of these are laid out in the draft IIA guide to business podcasting. But what is the immediate opportunity that will allow you to get started with minimal cost or risk?

The immediate opportunity is simply to do what media organisations such as RTE Radio and TV and TodayFM are doing – take content that you are already creating and make it available to your audience online. Simply ensure that you record (video or audio) meetings, conferences, talks, questions and answer sessions and even training and make them available online afterwards.

The benefits of this approach are several. You are not paying the potentially large fees for custom content creation – studio time, post-production, salary costs of show hosts and so on. You already
creating this content, you own it and it will typically be filled with context and atmosphere that will make it more relevant to your audience. Plus, you have a ready audience – all those who missed the original event.

How difficult is it? What you’ll need is a digital recording device (dictaphone or video recorder) and microphone or some cables that will allow you to plug into the AV system being used at the meeting. You’ll need some basic editing software on your computer (Audacity is a free download for audio editing, but in my experience most new computers come with such software pre-installed).

Then you’ll need to upload it to your website and/or iTunes and make it possible for people to subscribe for updates. This last bit can be a bit technical so if you don’t have a techie in the basement ready to do it for you, simply stick it up on your blog. It will add to the variety of ways your audience engages with you.

Examples of this approach are available here in the IIA podcast library. Krishna De recorded the last few workshops held by the Social Media Working Group, did a little editing and then uploaded them for us.

Here is a three-part podcast of the Business Podcasating workshop we held recently:

Part 1: http://www.iia.ie/resources/podcast/download/29
Download Part 1

Part 2: http://www.iia.ie/resources/podcast/download/30
Download Part 2

Part 3: http://www.iia.ie/resources/podcast/download/31
Download Part 3

Journalist and podcaster Karlin Lillington attended this workshop and wrote an excellent piece in the Irish Times describing the process.

2 thoughts on “Podcasts – the immediate business opportunity

  1. Thanks for posting and sharing this information so quickly. This recession is forcing all of us to be more innovative in how we communicate with our customers and how we use the new social networking tools.


  2. Hi Una, yep social media certainly provides a low cost approach to business communications. As we mentioned the other day the commitment is time and effort and not cost. This approach works well for smaller organisations.


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