Upcoming Business Blogging Events

If you are in business and are wondering how you might engage with blogs and bloggers then here are a number of upcoming events that you might find useful;

Business Podcasting Workshop – 9th April

Podcasting is a form of audio or video blogging. The IIA Social Media Working Group is hosting this workshop on business podcasting on Thursday next, 9th April at 6pm. There is a draft of the podcasting guide for businesses currently available and this will be discussed during the course of the workshop. The workshop format is a great opportunity to thrash ideas around about what works and what doesn’t. You won’t get all the answers, but you’ll certainly see what the issues are. Cost is Free (€20 non-IIA members)

Social Media Conference – 21st April

Dealing partially with blogging, MediaContact are running a half day conference on April 21st called PR Social Networking and Blogging in Practice. They have a good line-up from both UK and Irish media companies and some familiar blogging faces including Damien, Mick and Kieran. Cost is €350.

Business Blogging Breakfast Briefing – 22nd April

The IIA Social Media Working Group has been beavering away for the past few months on a blogging guide for Irish businesses. We’re finally going to launch it on 22nd April at a breakfast briefing in Dublin. I’ll be saying a few words, giving an overview of some of the key findings from our research. Aedan from PuddleDucks and Michelle from PaddyPowerTrader.com will be sharing some of their experiences on business blogging also. The target audience for this event is anyone responsible for marketing and communications in their organisation as we will be discussing about the rationale for businesses to “join the conversation.” Cost is €25 (€45 for non-IIA members)

1 Day Blogging Course with Damien Mulley – 29th April (Cork)

IT@Cork are running this training course at the end of the month in Mahon. Damien has been running training courses for a number of years and whether you attend one of his public courses like this one, or you get him to come into your organisation to deliver private training, you’re bound to get your money’s worth. As I write this, there is only one place left on the April course. Costs is €90 (€150 for non-IT@Cork members)

Online Marketing Workshop – 28th May (Cork)

This course is also being run by Damien Mulley in conjunction with IT@Cork and while it is broader than just business blogging the focus will certainly be on “listening” and “responding” to customers online. There will be a very different slant in this course than you will find in most other online marketing courses that tend to focus on Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click search engine advertising. For that reason alone it is worth attending. Cost is €95 (€180 for non-IT@Cork members)

Business Blogging Training – 25th June

Krishna De is running a number of training events this year for the IIA. On June 25th she is running a one-day training course called Build Your Brand Online with a Business Blog. This event is for those people who want to get into the detail of planning a blogging strategy. There is then a follow-up course planned for those who want to get into the nuts and bolts of getting a blog up and running. Krishna is a proficient communicator and facilitator and and expert in social media in Ireland, so these courses will be well worth attending. Cost is €145 (€195 for non-IIA members)

…plus some annual conferences for the diary

The upcoming annual conferences of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) on May 12th, the Irish Internet Association (IIA) on May 21st and the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII) later in the year on November 4th all guarantee plenty of discussion on blogging and business.

If you are aware of any other upcoming events/training let me know and I’ll add them in.

Anyone for Twitter?

I see that Krishna is  running a separate training programme that covers Linked-in, Facebook and micro-blogging tool Twitter on April 28th. I know that a lot of the other events will also cover Twitter but I’m thinking that it would be worthwhile organising a dedicated event/workshop to gather some business people together to share experiences and views on how it is working for them. Anyone interested?

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