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There’s quite a bit of talk online about voting at the moment. With the build up to the local and European elections it seems that everyone is getting in on the act of getting us to hone our decision-making skills.

IIA Net Visionaries

I got a reminder email the other day from our friends in the IIA reminding us that nominations for this year’s Net Visionaries closes this week. I think we’re all a bit thrown this year as they’re happening a full six months earlier than usual. I’ve been asked to judge them this year so you can hold back on nominating me as I’d feel like a cheat if I won… (I will consider all substantial bribes however).


Your no nonsense sports personality

My alter ego over on the No Nonsense blog is inviting you to vote for your favourite no nonsense sports personality. There’s a nice prize too with a personalised 16GB iPod Touch up for grabs. Very few have entered so far, so the odds are on your side if you enter.


Cliffs of Moher to be one of 7 Wonders of Nature

 7up are enouraging Irish people to vote for the Cliffs of Moher to be included as on of a new list of the 7 Wonders of Nature. They’re currently at number 12, so they could do with a few extra votes.


Vote for Grandad

Grandad, who’s always guaranteed to cheer you up, has faced some difficult choices of late as he’s been voting for best looking men and women in an RTÉ poll. We’re all wondering along with him why he hasn’t been included in the list.


Register to vote

Fine Gael candidate in Cork, David O’Byrne is encouraging everyone to register to vote and makes it easy by giving the links you’ll need to check if you are registered and to download the appropriate form if you are not.  Now wouldn’t it be nice if you could just complete an web-based form to register to vote.


Vote online??

Oh, and here’s a novel idea; how about developing an online voting application for local, national and EU elections. Not e-Voting but get an indigenous award-winning company like PollDaddy to develop a secure web-based polling solution. Thousands of businesses are using these types of solutions throughout the world. I certainly cannot see the big leap for government.

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  1. Thanks very much for linking to my site. A rare compliment!!!!!

    Couldn’t agree more about the need for online registration… why not go one step further and vote online? I’m sure it will happen at some stage in the future.



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