Watch the new U2 video – Get On Your Boots

ORIGINAL POST Saturday 12.00pm: Here’s the new U2 video “Get on your boots”:(thanks to Darragh for the direction)

U2 "Get On Your Boots" video
Watch the U2 "Get On Your Boots" video

UPDATE @ Saturday 10.30pm:

That was noon today and it is gone already. Keith pointed me towards this version which probably won’t last much longer either:

UPDATE Sunday 9.51am:

That video that Keith pointed me towards has now disappeared. If you are a fan then you’ll be disappointed and it looks like you may have missed the boat to see the sneak previews online. Visit the U2 official website to listen to the lyrics, which are great even without the video.

UPDATE Sunday 6.32pm:

That video link from Keith is back up and running. Must have won the battle with the copyright police.

UPDATE Thursday 8.00pm

That last video I had here is now gone, so I’m giving up on the whole endeavour. If you want to watch the muppets singing watch this:

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