U2, Get On Your Boots (Official Video) – social media’s scoop

It started on Twitter where Darragh told us about the fact that the new U2 video that was supposed be launched exclusively on independent.ie was already available online.

He linked us to his brilliant blog for more information and then actually (he’s such a tease) gave us the link to onto Jaime Andres Rodriguez’s Facebook page where you can exclusively watch the video.

It might be breaking a few copyright laws and may not last long, so head over there quickly to view. Its a brilliant video.

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2 thoughts on “U2, Get On Your Boots (Official Video) – social media’s scoop

  1. Well now, the matter deepens. I don’t know how much trouble I could be in but I took the source file, saved it and uploaded it to You Tube. They slapped me with a copyright dispute notice, went away, decided it was okay so I now have it embedded on my blog.

    It’s apparently not the finished finished product. One commenter on You Tube told me

    “It’s semi-official.. I think the official one will have deleted the Getty Images watermarks (i.e. 1:53)”

    So it was live – now it’s muted again, even though it was working earlier. It’s all very confusing.


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