The business bloggers survey has been collecting responses for a couple of weeks now and we have had several dozen responses so far. Some interesting results include:

  1. 85% of respondants use blogs to present a more human face to their business, with less than half seeing it as a means to get feedback from their customers on products and services.
  2. 70% of business bloggers judge the success of their blogging activities on positive customer feedback with just on 1 in 5 expecting actual sales to come from their blog.
  3. 90% of blogs are targetted at potential clients and customers, however other bloggers and journalists are also important audiences for business blogs.

Have you taken the survey yet? If not, please do so before Friday next, 30th January. We are hoping to finalise the business blogging whitepaper very soon and putting a little science around how Irish businesses are already using blogs will ensure that we give the best advice. The more responses the better. Thanks for your time.