Business Bloggers Survey

As part of the work of the IIA’s Social Media Working Group we decided to undertake a survey among businesses that are blogging in Ireland.

The survey is now available and we would welcome responses from anyone who is blogging on behalf of their business in Ireland. Many are agreed that there are significant opportunities for business who engage with blogs and bloggers. It is time to try and quantify this.

The results of the survey will be made available to all and any individual blogger who responds to the survey will be featured as a case study in our soon to be published white paper on blogging – with the blogger’s permission of course.

I’ve just completed the survey myself and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. So whether you are blogging as part of a sole-trader business or working for an organisation employing hundreds, please take the time to give us your input.

4 thoughts on “Business Bloggers Survey

  1. Hi Brendan, just completed the survey. As we are new to blogging some of the questions weren’t relevant as it assumed a certain history of blogging. There does seem to be an active community out there but in the wider business community their is a degree of ignorance and scepticism as to the benefits. Now could be a perfect time for the IIA SMWG to educate/inform them, in these challenging times. I presume the results of the survey will help in this (if they turn out to be positive, which I’m sure they will). Thanks


  2. Hey Fran. Thanks for taking the survey. Yeah, the questions in the survey focus on the business input and benefits. The technicals on how to run a blog are well documented, but many just don’t believe that blogging delivers. Not yet anyway…


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