Number Three

Here is the first photo of “Number Three”.

Number Three

If you need a hand spotting him/her, (I’ll stick with her for now as we already have two him’s!) look in the middle top third of the image. Lying on its back. Head is to the right and a little elevated. Body is to the left and looks to have a pot-belly; so I know it’s mine for sure 🙂

So it’s official. We’re expecting our third. Twelve weeks in at this stage and we were “not supposed” to tell people before now. Our official scan is not due for another week or so, but MBW (my beautiful wife) was feeling rather ill and had to go into the doc today to check what was up. Turns out to be a bad kidney infection, and thankfully everything is okay with the baby.

As an aside, I don’t really get why you are “not supposed” to tell people before now. Is it because there is a large risk of miscarriage in the first three months and we have some notion that we want to conceal if this happens? Where does this come from?

For my part I’m so excited when we find out that we’re expecting that I want to tell everyone. If we did miscarry, God help us, I’d want my friends to know. We’ve been hiding things in Ireland for far too long. The concern of family and friends at such a time for me would be very important. We are very lucky and grateful to not have had a miscarriage ,since they are so common, and my heart goes out to people who do.

Anyway, today I am chuffed and delighted to be able to share the photo above. I’m very thankful that so far everything looks okay, but that being said for the next six months or so we’ll always be a little nervous.

There is a “mammy bloggger” phenomenon, so I guess I’m a bit of a “daddy blogger”. I thought that first and foremost I’d like to share the news, but looking to the future I’d like to keep a record of this little one for herself.

I was born in the 70’s and have little notion what things were like then for my parents. This child is born in the digital age and I’m thinking that it would be wonderful for there to be a digital record of what life was like for it from the very earliest; in the last year of the first decade of the new millenium.

So this is the first digital profile of this child. In time it will surely be creating its own profile page on whatever the Bebo or Facebook of the day is. I’ll do the job for it in the meantime.

We haven’t had a chance to tell very many people, immediate family only yet. We’ll be telling friends over the next few days and weeks… but I guess a few of them will know by now.

Came across this photo on Flickr today – kinda struck me as beautiful:

The Egg, courtesy of Ziggy Fresh
The Egg, courtesy of Ziggy Fresh

9 thoughts on “Number Three

  1. Derry. thanks for the comment. All the best to you too… not long to go before the house gets a whole lot busier.

    Mahon, thanks to you. Did you make it home for Christmas?


  2. Ah Brendan, congratulations to you both sir! Delighted for you – great news to read 🙂

    Have I ever suggested Darragh as a great name for a boy OR a girl? No. Well, maybe something you could think about…


  3. Congrats Brendan (and YBW), great news. Maybe a little girl this time for your two tough guys to look after? Good luck.


  4. Hey Brendan,
    That’s fantastic news, I’m delighted for you both and hope its a little girl. What a year 2009 will be! 😉


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