UN High Commissioner for Peace On… line

It had been an epic battle between two titans of the Irish online world. Multi award-winning and perhaps Ireland’s most influential Cork blogger Damien Mulley went head to head with the Goliath of social networking in the form of Bebo’s Philip Macartney. It was a veritable war of worlds. The blogging world versus social networking in a battle that would see only one victor. The prize? Control of the World’s bread supply. It read like an Ian Fleming script.

Few would have thought that the annual gathering of the glitterati of the Internet in Ireland would have presented the UN’s peace envoy with the opportunity to broker a truce. Both sides it seems had been softened by the headiness of the night. Mulley was spotted drinking Bollinger at the bar with sworn enemy of old – eircom‘s head of communications. Macartney having been dressed down by compère Des Bishop had capitulated and agreed to investigate the four fake Bebo profiles of the comedian. The envoy sensed that this might just be the ideal opportunity to bring the two sides face-to-face for the first time.

The results, to be frank were quite surprising…

First this:


(Note the anxious grin from Mulley as he realises how big Macartney is in person)

Then this:


(Macartney acknowledges Mulley’s greatness)

Followed by this:


(Macartney’s grip on Mulley was absolute)

And ultimately this:


(My work here is done)

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