What the hell is “Twitter”?

Sometimes when you’re doing something for a while you start to take for granted that not everyone knows what you’re talking about. I’ve only been on “Twitter” for a short time and while I know what it is, and why I’m there, I still get blank looks from most people I mention it to.


If you have a blog then you like to share your thoughts and ideas with people. If you use Facebook then you probably “update your status” to let friends know what you’re up to. If are away, you may send group emails to let people back home know how you’re doing. If you use discussion boards you probably ask others in the community questions, or give advice, or share opinions and experiences with them. If you use instant messaging services then you like to have short snappy conversations with pals.

Twitter is just another way to do all these things. You can tell hundreds of people or just one or two people what you’re up to, what you’re thinking. You can share an image, a link or a video. You can have conversations with lots of people or with just one other in private.

You’re “updates” are limited to 140 characters so you keep it short… this works because it means that it’s easy to do the updates and you’ll probably do more of them. It also works because it’s easy for your friends to read the updates.

Is Twitter for you or your business? If doing any of the things above are important to you then it is probably worth checking out. Visit Twitter.com and register.

You can see what I’m up to at twitter.com/brendanhughes

These guys do a good job of explaining Twitter:

If you do get going on Twitter check out Bernie Goldbach’s views on the the pros and cons. Bernie is a most prolific Twitterer (or “tweeter”) so he knows what he’s talking about.

4 thoughts on “What the hell is “Twitter”?

  1. Still have not found out how to get on twitter, as a matter of fact I amy already be on ! I remember filling in something to that effect. But how do I get into a twitter conversation ?

    By the way did you see that wonderful television programme on Turtles ? Did you know they come ashore, lay about 100 eggs in the sand, which eventually hatch, use two different flipper techniques to get to the sea and swim.. and come back 20 years later!


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