Ireland Network – Great Britain

A group of Irish people living and working in London have been roped in by the Irish embassy there to help kick-start a new social networking site. The site Irish Network Great Britain is aimed at Irish people working in the UK.

Ireland Network Great Britain

The Irish community has always been very strong in the various UK cities. This new initiative illustrates how things are changing and perhaps how the ties with Ireland and other Irish working in the UK may not be as strong as they used to be.

I know a few of the people involved in the project and was asked to contribute and article which I did, called Connecting Remotely. Wander over to the new site if you get a few minutes. Make a contribution if you can… I’m sure it would be encouraging for the organisers to see some support from the home country. The site is due to officially launch on November 11th but it seems to be open to the public already so you’ll be getting a sneak preview.