Vote for your favourite net visionary

Have been strung-out with work and non-work commitments lately and have neglected my blog. Apologies my good friend – I’ll try and be more attentive from now on.

Anyways, this is a quick post to remind everyone to vote in the IIANetvisionary awards . I couldn’t make the Irish Web Awards on Saturday but I hear it was a great night. I am looking forward to the blog awards in January and the upcoming Golden Spiders.

Some say that there are now way too many web-related awards, and maybe they’re right, but all the awards are great for giving encouragement to people who are new at this game and who are doing something different. The shortlists are always really interesting to see who’s been busy on the interweb over the past 12 months.

The awards themselves are great occasions for meeting people who are active online – many are not high profile but are the work-horses behind many of the great Irish websites. The best bit of the night is usually in the bar afterwards. If you can make any of these events, nominated or not, do go.

In the meantime (before Friday 17th) go over to the Net Visionary website and vote for who you think has made an impact this year. If you’re feeling generous tick the box for yours truly.