Ireland’s newest radio show is Online

PodCamp Ireland have just launched a really interesting new online radio show hosted by Krishna De and Bernie Goldbach (who I’m glad to say are both members of the IIA Social Media Working Group which I’m currently chairing).

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Officially the show is called a podcast but, from my work previously with Helen Shaw I figured that the easiest way to understand what a podcast is is to call it a radio show that you can subscribe to. Subscribing means that each new show is automatically downloaded to your PC or portable music player, so there’s no more tuning in or missing out. If you like radio you’ll like podcasts even more.

I was listening to episode three of the weekly Podcamp Ireland show the other evening while tidying up the kitchen after dinner. The show had been released that morning, but because it is online you don’t have to be sitting by your radio/pc at a specific time. And because the format is radio you can listen in the same way as you listen to traditional radio – while doing the dishes… Funnily enough, I discovered that Keith Shirely was listening at the same time and we had a bit of a chat about that on Twitter. (I’ll be having a post over the coming weeks on Twitter as I’ve only just started to get my head around it.)

The Krishna and Bernie Show opens with a bit of a catch up from the hosts, with what’s been going on in their lives and in the online world over the past week. There are also some tips from Michele Neylon from Blacknight on hosting.

The parts I really enjoy however are the conversations with business people who have made a stab at using social media to engage with their customers. There is plenty of noise in the blogosphere but it is refreshing to listen to an interview where the interviewer understands both technology and business. Furthermore, Krishna doesn’t just offer a light touch that you might expect to hear on traditional broadcast or print media. She digs deep enough to engage marketers and business people who are interested in exploring social media beyond the sound bites.

If you are interested in digging a bit deeper on social media do tune in and subscribe. As an aside the Podcamp Ireland event which is taking place in Kilkenny on September 27th looks like it will be well worth the trip. The promo says that it is the “very first stand-alone event to promote the use and provide guidance and tips on the subject of social media in Ireland.” I’ll be there.

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