Being Evil is Good for Business

being evil is good for businessWired have put together a really interesting piece entitled Management Techniques From the Dark Side. Essentially it is a guide to all the things that will bring your business success that go against all good and reputable management theories. For example “have sex at least twice per week”, “when in doubt be unreasonable” and “sell addition” are all there. Not much science behind these but there is one that stands out from the mix – “your current product is obsolete” from a guy called Carl,  who goes on to explain “Just believe that your current successful product is already obsolete, and then your mind will be set into finding something to replace it. The whole organization has to be aware of this reality, and this will help you survive by innovation.” Spot on.

How many of us bring a new product (or a new website) to market and then sit back and assume our work is done? If you do you’re foolish. The first thing we should do when we ‘go live’ or when we’re ‘successful’ is to start figuring out how we can make it better – using all the information and feedback we start to get from real shoppers/users. You only have to look to organisations like Apple and how they are continuously improving and re-inventing their technologies to see this approach in action.