Numeric Post Codes – Where Would You Like to Live?

Irish Post CodesJohn Collins reports in last Friday’s Irish Times on the proposal by Cork-based GPS Ireland to introduce a post-code system for the entire country. The 7 digit alpha-numeric post codes would be dynamically generated based on algorithms. John highlights that there is an interesting result in this dynamic generation of the codes since a random three-letter combination of letters can result in some interesting postcodes, such as SIN. “We don’t want anyone living in SIN in Ireland” says GPS Ireland director Gary Delaney.

Thinking about this a little, there are some really interesting possibilities for where we might all end up living. I could handle living in PUB or BAR, but am not so sure about BIN, TIP, LOO or KIP? Some animal lovers mightn’t mind living with EMU, CAT or DOG, but surely not COW, PIG and especially not RAT. Living with HIV, STD or STI certainly wouldn’t encourage too many boy/girlfriends to come back for coffee.

There could be bit of a money-spinner here however for GPS Ireland as I’m sure there are plenty of us who might be prepared to pay for our own vanity post code. I know a few people for example who would probably fork out a few quid if they could claim to be a VIP, HRH, TOP, HOT and maybe even SEX. Then there are the organisations that might feel obliged to reserve the likes of AIB, RTE, VHI, FBD, and maybe even DUP. What about your own name in your postal address? PAT, SUE, JOE, LOU, and ANN might all be prepared to spend a little to ensure that they always get their post. I can foresee a bidding war by one or two of my more self-confident friends for GOD. OMG would certainly end up somewhere in Foxrock. USA might not be such a good purchase as you could end up with quite a lot of the wrong post.

My own personal favourite is BUM, as no-one would ever know if I was advertising my poverty or being just plain rude.

Regardless of how GPS Ireland decide to address (‘scuse the pun) the issue of post codes in Ireland is one that is hotly debated – see the discussion here on ellybabes blog.

9 thoughts on “Numeric Post Codes – Where Would You Like to Live?

  1. Personally I would like to live in “GPS” – however the system has been adjusted as suggested in the Irish Times article to prevent undesirable tags,

    See you there…………………………….


  2. Hi Gary. That’s a pity! Probably best approach to take alright. I know that you’re not actually addressing the requirement for a postal post code system, which is a pity as there seem to be others out there like youselves who as private enterprises are coming up with new systems. Ideally if you could all pull together (with the dept of comms) to come up with a single multi-use system there would be less confusion and money spent at the end of the day. Wish you well, either way.


  3. Thanks for the update Gary. I just logged onto your site and found my own PONC:

    ” Please note your new PON Code: MS9 34HC”

    Site’s very usable and I found what I was looking for quite quickly. Can I expect lots of free stuff in the door from your good selves now that you know where I live?


  4. Brendan,

    good to hear you got your PONC no problem.

    Regarding stuff through your door – we operate a very strict policy on the use of data – and you will have noted that no personal data will be used for any reason other than that directly related to managing your PONC – full Privacy Policy operated is here:

    So nothing from us through your door – its up to you now who you share your PONC with. Mind you putting it here means the whole world now know where you live!!!


  5. Brendan – an update for you….

    A review by a second set of consultants (2008) into the recommendations of the first set of consultants (2005), received by the Eamon Ryan – Minsiter for Communications – in early September seems now to be recommending adoption of a Post Code System which will allow a unique post code for most properties – i.e the type of system proposed by GPS Ireland in PON Codes.
    See here:…629653090.html

    This is different to the original Government Post Code Proposal which seemed to suggest an area based system like “D04 123” or “GAL 123” which represented an area of about 20 houses in Dublin 4 and up to 5 or 6 square kilometers in country areas and would not have been of any value for vehicle based services including Emergency Services and SatNav users.

    Right now, PON Codes which are available at are the only system publicly available, proven and working which can satisfy the recommendations of the latest consultants. The only satisfactory way to give unique Post Codes to each property is to use Coordinates – i.e. grid references presented in a user friendly and memorable format like PON Codes


  6. There is no point in anyone using a post code which is not the standard one when it is approved. I don’t like the PON system, there is no reflection of the county or city name and it is narrow in its usefulness. How can someone for example, search for mechanics in the Dublin 14 area when it becomes X5X 12XX or whatever? I think the system should incorporate the county letters which are used on number plates, it’s just plain common sense. The rest of the code can be more dynamic.


  7. Thanks for leaving the comment SOM. It’s disappointing to see how little progress is being made by central Government on the obvious need for post codes. In 2005 we were promised that we would have postcodes introduced by January 1st, 2008! Only twelve months late so far…


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