Irish Post CodesJohn Collins reports in last Friday’s Irish Times on the proposal by Cork-based GPS Ireland to introduce a post-code system for the entire country. The 7 digit alpha-numeric post codes would be dynamically generated based on algorithms. John highlights that there is an interesting result in this dynamic generation of the codes since a random three-letter combination of letters can result in some interesting postcodes, such as SIN. “We don’t want anyone living in SIN in Ireland” says GPS Ireland director Gary Delaney.

Thinking about this a little, there are some really interesting possibilities for where we might all end up living. I could handle living in PUB or BAR, but am not so sure about BIN, TIP, LOO or KIP? Some animal lovers mightn’t mind living with EMU, CAT or DOG, but surely not COW, PIG and especially not RAT. Living with HIV, STD or STI certainly wouldn’t encourage too many boy/girlfriends to come back for coffee.

There could be bit of a money-spinner here however for GPS Ireland as I’m sure there are plenty of us who might be prepared to pay for our own vanity post code. I know a few people for example who would probably fork out a few quid if they could claim to be a VIP, HRH, TOP, HOT and maybe even SEX. Then there are the organisations that might feel obliged to reserve the likes of AIB, RTE, VHI, FBD, and maybe even DUP. What about your own name in your postal address? PAT, SUE, JOE, LOU, and ANN might all be prepared to spend a little to ensure that they always get their post. I can foresee a bidding war by one or two of my more self-confident friends for GOD. OMG would certainly end up somewhere in Foxrock. USA might not be such a good purchase as you could end up with quite a lot of the wrong post.

My own personal favourite is BUM, as no-one would ever know if I was advertising my poverty or being just plain rude.

Regardless of how GPS Ireland decide to address (‘scuse the pun) the issue of post codes in Ireland is one that is hotly debated – see the discussion here on ellybabes blog.