Would U Buy Car Insurance from Ryanair?

Have been watching the interesting reactions to the launch of the new online car insurance offering called No Nonsense at www.ryanaircarinsurance.com. There have been lots of discussion about whether you would or would not buy car insurance from Ryanair. I’ll let the posters do the arguing for and against (in as unbiased a manner as I can):


“I can Imagine Ryanair car insurance, You have to add extra premium for each passenger you have in the car and more for the luggage in the boot.” Run to da hills (boards.ie)

“How many pieces of photo-id do I need? Is an insurance disc holder an optional extra? Am I covered if I give Mr or Mrs Sarkozy a lift? Am I covered for return journeys or is it only one way insurance?” mathepac (askaboutmoney.com)

“There will probably be a clause that when making a claim there will be an administration fee more than the cost of the claim…..getting money BACK from Ryanair……try it!” Pete1430 (boards.ie)

“Can you imagine settling a claim.Mr /mrs Ryan air “but your car was at an address 150kms from where you said it was kept” Claim’nt “But I thought YOU would understand”” groupb (boards.ie)

“I am currently paying about €600. Mick O’Leary wants €383.81 (fully comp). I’d still be wary and would like to examine all T&Cs before signing my life away.” kbannon (boards.ie)

“just did a quote there – – same as thier airline – you get the absolute legal basic and then pay extra for things which you would normally expect to get with a policy. Also noticed that you cant protect your bonus on 4 years which is ridiculous. Given my experience with thier customer care in the past I wouldnt look forward to a favourable claims service.
At the end of the day would you go to an airline or a supermarket to buy a carton of milk?? – – in my opinion the same applies to insurance.” briancbyrne (askaboutmoney.com)

“Unable to quote me. Clearly just trying to bag all the low risk mondeo drivers out there.” crank_case (octane.ie)

“Aye. I’d be a bit iffy about the low cost airline handling my car insuance. And I won’t be getting a mortgage from Tesco’s either. I may have McDonalds do my pension though.” Friz (octane.ie)

“General questions regarding Ryanair Insurance: Do they get to decide where you sit in the car?
Do they charge per bag? Will the car no longer go exactly where you wanted, but take you to Naas and call it “Dublin International”? Will some eejit come round your house after every journey trying to flog you a scratchcard?” buiog (octane.ie)


“Looks like it’s the same sort of ‘No Frills’ approach Ryanair take with the airline, but you can be sure it’s going to be cheap!” – Dub Man (Boards.ie)

“Look, regardless of Ryanars no frills policy and their approach to all of their business’s – Its good to see another provider in the market. Competition is no bad thing.” Niceirishfella (boards.ie)

“Hey…this has to be a good thing. Anything that might mean a better rate – even if it is O’Learys lot.” Cheeky fellow (boards.ie)

 “It looks like this won’t be Ryanair paying out on any claims. In the article linked to this page it says the policy is underwritten by FBD – so they are the ones who would pay out on the claim. Ryanair is just a partner in this.” take yer points (boards.ie)

“They’re obviously going for the younger drivers and won’t quote any cars that could be “high risk” or could result in a big claim. Looks like a competitive alternative to Quinn for me and that can’t be a bad thing!!” take yer points (boards.ie)

“€738.11….200 odd quid less then what I’m paying now. (Quinn, Fully comp)” The Edge (boards.ie)

“Not quoting me for an Elise but I clicked the button for them to get back to me. The Mondeo, however, is €400 cheaper including a couple of extras! I’ll be checking them out again for sure.” up-the-dubs (octane.ie)

“it’s not like ryanair have much interaction with you personally as it’s just FBD rebranded and repackaged. both tesco and AIB do this with hibernian (i’m currently on AIB). when you call them a hibernian employee answers and says something like: “AIB hibernian insurance”” davidclayton (octane.ie)

IF you want to see the full discussions visit the various discussions here (and thanks to the sites for letting me copy a selection here):


5 thoughts on “Would U Buy Car Insurance from Ryanair?

  1. hello. suspect if the only thing you want is a piece of paper on your window saying you are insured, it is for you. but if you ever believe you will ever be in a crash, then probably not..


  2. Hi Paul. Thanks for the comment. Visited your blog and really like it. There’s a negative brand perception thing going on here for sure. There’s such a mis-trust in Ireland of “low-cost” – an expectation that when it matters it won’t deliver.

    There’s an interesting dynamic in particular with the Ryanair brand – some people love it because it has brought great value to air travel, while others think it is continually trying to rip you off. It’s fairly impressive that one brand can carry both perceptions at the same time – and suceed.


  3. thanks Brendan

    yes. they have a love/hate thing alright. they do lots of stuff you can’t but help admire but you always feel they (he) really cares about nothing about themselves. nothing necessarily wrong with that but not your typical brand building strategy…:)


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