A recent case of spam by a Monster.com Irish staff member to the membership of a Cork technology network has a lesson for all business people who are considering buying email lists or sending emails to people en masse without their permission. Not only did the individuals bite back in this case but they managed to generate a significant amount of noise about it too. A search for Monster under Google.ie today brings up a link to Damien Mulley’s blog on the first page (albeit number 9) and a search for Monster Spam brings back a pletora of links to blogs commenting on this. And this all started just two days ago!

Fair play to the spam victims, however I do feel a touch of sympathy for the guy in Monster who sent the original email. The bloggers have named him personally, copied his email responses onto the blogs and uploaded his voicemails. A bit harsh I think. There’s not much sympathy for him out there either in the comments, I guess because we are all so fed up of spamming. While there may be no Internet police out there, there are certainly plenty of people out there keeping the thing in check.