Funny Clever

The Netvisionary nominations are out and while I haven’t been nominated this year (yawn!) I’m still taking an interest in those who are. There are lots of interesting things going on in the Irish internet landscape, but there are some that are particularly clever and even humourous.

I really like what Grandad is up to on his Head Rambles blog. He’s done a really interesting experiment over the past few months – he’s been writing continuously about a brand of fish pies Cully & Sully and is now ranked number 2 on google when you do a search for these pies. He has got no other association with C&S but has used content to trick the search engine. Fair play to him! I’ve witnessed organisations spending thousands trying to achieve this for the products they are selling.

Now Grandad is landing the sucker punch – he’s looking for fifty grand from C&S to sponsor him so he’ll say nice things about their products when they click on his link. Now that’s clever!

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