Setting Up a Blog

I’ve just spent two days and I’ve finally managed to get it all up and running with my own domain name and a couple of posts in. I think I was at an IIA conference once where someone alleged it was that easy you could set one up in 5 minutes… thankfully I can’t recall who it was. If anyone ever wants free consultancy on how to set up a blog or would like me to post the ABC guide (which I’ll compose based on the last two days) just let me know…

4 thoughts on “Setting Up a Blog

  1. 2 days Mr Hews! You’re losing your touch. Anyway, the blog looks great and I’m enjoying your observations. Going to put your RSS feed on my iGoogle page…


  2. Please forward any tips – I am a complete novice stuck at home with 2 babies who needs a ceative outlet for ideas!!!! thank you


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